App: Offline routing (GraphHopper deprecation)

GraphHopper offline routing is going to be deprecated in a future version.

Please use BRouter for offline routing (with cross border support).

Τechnical notes:
GraphHopper dropped support of offline routing and Android compatibility
and does not work with Android’s new mandatory scoped storage system.

A pity! So far I am happy with graphhopper offline routing, despite it is not able to go over frontiers. I will miss it.

I tried BRouter. But for me it is not so easy to use. Had some problems. I don’t know why. So I turned to graphHopper. For me it worked without problems.

I’m using offline routing only manually started when off route.

It is always nice to have many available options.

But each company has its own business model and favorite platforms.

Android mandatory scoped storage from now on will change many other things too.

As far as I remember, BRouter doesn’t handle street names (am I wrong?). Is there any plan to replace GraphHopper with a some full replacement solution - also in terms of name handling? And without the need to install anything extra.

It’s still open in their list.

See my answer here:

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You can contact GraphHopper and ask them to support Android storage access framework.
(though their business model now is the web platform, not the mobile)

Then I could review and add it again in Kurviger app.

Same problem in Locus Emux. So offline GH support is “skipped” there too in favor of B-router.
But you already probably do know as you both developpers do communicate :wink:

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GraphHopper could probably work on Android again, if route data exist inside app folder.

That could need a download manager and is probably for future in-app subscription plan.

I thought you had cancelled graphhopper routing option in the app. Did I miss something?

I explained how it could probably work in the future.
Now it cannot work with storage access framework.

Emux, as far as I’m concerned, you can safely bring this as a new paid app module extension that belongs to the main application. Your extra development work may well pay off.

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GraphHopper deprecation is about current app status and Android storage access framework.

In the future and under a different app business model, I could implement it with a different way.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.14.13.