App: new screenshot procedure?

While driving a route, and I really mean while driving, I make screenshots from time to time to capture “special” situations.
Thereby I miss the possibility to log the current location (LAT/LON). Would be extremely helpful in tracking after the tour at home. Of course I could stop, collect the information and then trigger a screenshot - but who does that?

  1. So a suggestion for an improved screenshot procedure:
    The triggering should be done with one click (today in kurviger up to 5), e.g. on the scale Massstab ?

  2. The navigation elements should be included in the scope of the screenshot, as well as the Android statusbar, the navbar would of course be superfluous:

    Today . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tomorrow ?

  3. To show the coordinates, today’s function “copy coordinates” just before the screenshot could be used internally - see example above. Or the current LAT/LON is simply inserted below the scale: Koordinaten

With this method, post-processing of incorrect definitions (incorrectly set waypoints, different road courses, incorrect speed limits) would be much easier. Hopefully I’ll get some votes for this proposal :woozy_face:.

The current form of the screenshot could possibly be retained for planning purposes, without navigation elements and coordinates.


If you are recording a GPX track, you can use the excellent photo geotagging Picture Manager app:

This way you will know where the screenshot was taken along the route.

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Thanks for this tipp! I’ll try it, although screenshots are .pgn-files and therefore cannot contain geotags per definition.

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Why not? :grinning: This clever application adds the appropriate EXIF ​​header to the PNG and completes it with the date/time read from the filename. Then it supplements it with GPS data. It works :relieved:

Because I would need only a tiny part of the Picture Manager, I didn’t install it. But your hint with the GPX track was fantastic! So far I have always ignored the time when GPS logging, saw no sense in it. But with the timestamp and RouteConverter I can now easily locate the screenshot on the map:

Thanks again for your tip!

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Genau so funktioniert auch das Geotagging bei jeder Fotokamera, die kein GPS an Bord hat.
Voraussetzung… Kamera und Handy bzw. Tracker haben gleiche Uhrzeit eingestellt.

Sorry to get off topic, but it is worth adding that of course, you can correct the time of the photos later, e.g. using the above application.

It is helpful to take at any time a picture of the navigation screen (or telephone) displaying the current GPS time :slight_smile:

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