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App: Navigation UI design

The color of arrow (and icons) can be set individually

Please invest some time and play with the new settings.

Does everyone want to fill the app with options and add a setting for text color too?

The text color is described above and works like in the past.
(it is based on background color and is demonstrated in color selection dialog)
For black text, select light background (and make it transparent).

You can change the background color and the rest of the foreground color.

I hope everyone can read it and really vote or justnot overread it…

Can it be disturbing to bring in another option to configure the shadow away?
This makes my brain hurt and I don’t know if I can stand two-color font in the long run. Currently I’m afraid not, so in the medium term I’ll switch back to Kurviger 1 Pro and do without the new options. You can ignore it. For sure, it is your app and you decide, but my feeling now is I can’t live with it.

Shadows exist in all UI.

And in above example make things really much more clear.
(also not every map area is conveniently so empty)

Or else all maps and apps don’t need stroke and shadow in their icons and labels.

Why can’t I answer to this topic and how can I take back my vote for this new design? How can I vote to dislike this ?

In menus, settings or options I don’t care, I don’t see them too often. But navigation bars and text I see all the time while driving and for me this just black plain font with transparent and non-shadowed square is best readable to me, as linux-user also already mentioned. This was also my preferred setting in Kurviger 1 Pro, simple unobtrusive font and navigation bars which I liked a lot.

The new “forced shadow design” gives me eye cancer. I really hate it.

Kurviger’s strength was to offer highly customizable GUI design. Now you are gifted with a forced shadow that spoils any fun of driving. Why do you want to make your app boring like others? This is my opinon, no offense.

You make such a good app, now it is optically disfigured to my point of view. How difficult can it be to allow again the simple display for navigation bars and font (only during navigation)?

You already asked here. Is there some particular need to mix the posts?

And like mentioned above, app development is not based on votes.

Indeed for you, it is not what all maps and UI do.


Extremely difficult.

Sorry, but posts that discuss “how difficult” is to implement cloud sync or colors or…
…are offensive to the developers and have the opposite effect.

It is like asking an engineer how difficult is to make a motorcycle better,
without knowing anything about motorcycle mechanics.

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Not at all, only if one wants to understand it as offense. It is a simple question, because I don’t know how difficult it is. If you say, extremely difficult, I still don’t understand it, but I believe it.

Some parts of the new navigation UI design will also be in a future Kurviger 1 Pro update.

with the consequence that the simpe black font and 100% transparency for navigation bars also disappears?

Simple black font does not work, it existed only because the needed shadow was not implemented yet.

There is no way to convince me that in the above example
the shadow does not make the icon / text better.

my speech :grinning: All right, the shaddow makes nothing better :slight_smile:

If shaddow then why it has to be that wide? Is it depending on the font size? the bigger the wider? Can it eventually be possibly configured to hairline?


Die alte Darstellung “links” finde ich besser!

Diese Darstellung finde ich auch besser!

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Too late and the old UI was not really nice.

Or the stroke / shadow can be removed from everywhere in the map + app and make it 2-colors!

Sorry, for not being amused…

The UI is optimized based on several factors.

You can use the default colors or invest some time to create some nice combination,
instead of complaining without even testing all possibilities:

also good, as long as you can set both colors equal

Well, actually I meant the stroke around the text.
I can live with that.

But I see no reason why the panel’s rectangle border is necessary.
Especially if you set the background to full transparency it looks a bit awkward.

No, even better is what most other apps offer:

One UI for everyone without options and whoever likes to use the application.

(with less maintenance for the developer)

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Maybe for full transparency.
Though it is easier to see something quickly if it is positioned with separators.

Not me …