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Hallo @devemux86

Ich bin der gleichen Meinung wie @linux-user. Ich würde die Einstellungen so übernehmen, wie ich sie auch bei der Navigation habe.
Mein wichtigster Punkt ist der, dass ich meine Einstellungen für die Navigation nicht verändern muss, um die Funktionen der Simulation zu nutzen. Wie @SchlesiM sehe ich die Simulation als ein Werkzeug an.

Wie kann ich das Wort hosts verstehen?

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In diesem Zusammenhang “enthält”, oder wörtlich “beherbergt

German translation:

DeepL ist hier oft besser als Google

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.


Very nice feature that I will most certainly be using!

Some feedback: relative to the current speed choices you could easily speed them up by a factor of 2 or 3.
I don’t really care if they are “real” speeds in km/h or just a relative speed number from 1-n.
Bottom line for me is that I think the current options are way too slow for my liking.
A 4 to 8 hour trip would take waaaay too long to simulate :slight_smile:

My suggestions:
80, 160, 320, 640
160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560 (yes, five steps :))

Alternatively call them: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

Best regards,

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Note: in such high speeds there is not any available time for voice guidance to work.

So may I ask what is the exact benefit to see navigation simulation running so fast?

Obviously could not simulate a “many” hours route in some minutes,
more route parts easily can be done via skip previous / next buttons.

The benefit for me personally would be to get a “feel” for the route.
I do not think I personally will use the feature for anything else, but I find it to be a very, very useful feature. When I use Kurviger to plan a route, where I intend to bring people along I want to be as sure as possible that it will be a fun and interesting tour. Sometimes I drive it myself first, before taking other along.
This feature might save me a few extra “unnecessary” tours.

Interesting idea, helping the illusion that simulation speed values are real road conditions.

Hallo @linux-user,
Danke :+1: für die Hilfe. Der Google Tranlator ist eben im Firefox gleich integriert. Aber trotzdem danke für den Tip. Habe mir die App gleich mal herundergeladen.

Viele GrüßeHallo @linux-user,
Danke :+1: für die Hilfe. Der Google Translator ist eben im Firefox gleich integriert. Aber trotzdem danke für den Tipp. Habe mir die App gleich mal heruntergeladen.

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Ich kenne die Routensimulation schon von meinem Navi. Hab da schon nicht gewusst, wozu ich so etwas brauche. Ja, wenn die Simulation einen realen Einblick in die Route geben würde, das wäre was! Zum Beispiel mit Hilfe von Google Maps Street-View. Quasi einen automatisierten Street-View-Film. Oder eine Simulation mit dem fly-Modus mit Google Earth. Aber ich glaube, das wäre ein ganz neues Projekt. :zwinkern:

I already know the route simulation from my GPS. I didn’t know what I needed it for. Yes, if the simulation would give a real insight into the route, that would be interesting! For example with the help of Google Maps Street-View. Quasi an automated Street-View movie. Or a simulation with the fly mode with Google Earth. But I think that would be a whole new project. :wink:

So geht es mir auch.

Die 3d Ansicht hab ich auch noch nie gebraucht.
Mal ausprobiert, aber nach ein paar km schnell wieder auf 2d zurück.
Möglicherweise ist die Erde doch eine Scheibe :wink:

Ich bin auch ein 2D-Typ. Blöd finde ich, dass ich die “Karten Orientierung” immer wieder auf “Manuell” umstellen muss. Ich mag es eben, wenn Norden immer oben ist.

I’m also a 2D guy. I think it’s stupid that I have to change the “map orientation” to “manual” again and again. I like it when north is always at the top.

Navigation without map tilt in 2D and without 3D buildings is usually the most intuitive mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

Renamed simulation speeds with more options in Kurviger 1.11.6 (Beta).

Take up the subject again:

The more I use this:
Somewhat cumbersome I still find the frequent changing from simulation to real navigation and vice versa (only in App Settings).

If I want to have the route shown in simulation just before the real navigation starts, I would like a faster change between simulation and navigation.

a) For me, this doesn’t belong under “Settings”, but under “Navigation”, because it is not a basic setting, but only a more frequent change in the normal flow of daily use.

b) Would a Shortkey (or shorter key :wink: ) be useful / possible?

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It’s still a setting, like rerouting mode, not a user action.

Can you explain, why need to play navigation simulation on the road just before driving?
There is no need to change it frequently, when be inside where simulation has meaning.

What is that “Navigation” or mean the button?

If mean the menu, it’s already overloaded and will simplify it,
so can offer in the future an enhanced UI with large buttons.

Navigation button could be enriched with long press menu,
if we see that pause / start navigation is useful for majority.

Had menue in my mind in this statement.
If assigned to a button, less important where to find it in menues.

Having a break during a trip, starting a new navigation in unknown region, simulation on the fly in advance makes sense to get more familiar with the new section, sometimes repeated on the road.

It’s getting harder and harder to test due to the weather (I know this doesn’t apply to everyone! :wink: )

Maybe it wouldn’t be a big problem to reprogram the stimulation mode to select speeds instead of a multiplier?

Simulation can not actually simulate all real road conditions.
We’ll see, as real user speed appears too slow in simulation.

Note: it is never safe to test navigation features in simulation.

Improved in Kurviger 2.2.13 (Beta).