App: Navigation notifications

Available in Kurviger 2.2.1 (Beta).

Question about this: If the app now displays the notification in 2km right turn and I continue driving. Does the notification then continue to count down the distance?
If so, question for the riders with smartphone connectivity on the bike. How is something like this shown on the motorbike display?
And when I reach 1km or 300m, is there a new notification or does the old one continue?

The navigation notification is continuously updated as the user’s location is updated.
(with the data mentioned above)

You can test it in navigation simulation.

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It looks great! Thank you! The only thing I miss is the ability to define whether the time and distance data should refer to the nearest via point or to the destination - regardless of the data shown on the panel.
So, for example, on the panel I can see the distance and time of arrival to the next point on the route, but the notification informs about the distance and time to the destination.
I hope that you will not find it an unnecessary complication because it would require additional settings, the excess of which, as I know, you do not like :slight_smile:

Navigation notifications use the same options with the navigation screen.
Or they could always use only the default: distance / time to destination.

The question is why need the notifications when using the app’s navigation screen.
(their content is hidden on device screen)

For me it would be absolutely the best solution! :+1:

In my case, to be able to use this data in automation (my beloved Tasker). I described it in detail here: Tasker support (plugin). In this topic, I also explain why in the notification I would only expect distance/time to the destination point.

BTW: Currently, I have configured my automation to send notifications about the progress of my trip to a group in Telegram. It works quite well. :smiley:

What could be done is to include the distance / time for both destination / waypoint.
(as duration + ETA appear together)

Do I understand correctly that if there was a via point, two distances and two times would be given, but if there is no via point, then only one time and only one distance?

If so, it could make it difficult to automatically distinguish which data is which…

It can be in separate rows:

  • Distance • Duration • ETA • Speed
    (for destination)
  • Distance • Duration • ETA
    (for waypoint, if exists)
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Great! Tasker should deal with this just to read only the first row. If it fails, I’ll worry later :smiley: Thanks again!


I found two issues related to notifications

  1. it is constantly notified. my phone rings all the time while navigating. If I mute notifications, I don’t get any more of them. it looks like the routing and thus the notification is updated several times a second. Is it wanted like that?

  2. Unfortunately, the notifications are not sent to the 3rd party app used (turn-by-turn navigation for KTM). whereas the Google Maps notifications are picked up properly. are there different types of notifications on google maps and kurviger? does the 3rd party app have to be reprogrammed to receive the notifications from kurviger? Thank you!


ich habe zwei Probleme im Zusammenhang mit Benachrichtigungen herausgefunden

  1. es wird permanent benachrichtigt. mein Telefon klingelt die ganze Zeit während der navigation. wenn ich Benachrichtigungen auf stumm schalte, bekomme ich davon nichts mehr mit. es sieht so aus, als das das Routing und somit auch die Benachrichtigung also mehrmals in der Sekunde aktualisiert wird. ist das so gewollt?

  2. die Benachrichtigungen werden leider nicht an die verwendete 3rd party App (turn-by-turn Navigation for KTM). wohingegen die Benachrichtigungen von Google Maps ordnungsgemäß aufgenommen werden. gibt es hier unterschiedliche Arten von Benachrichtigungen bei Google Maps und kurviger? muss die 3rd party App eventuell umprogrammiert werden um die Benachrichtigungen von kurviger zu empfangen?


Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Navigation notification is updated like the navigation panels from location updates.
    (I will check as cannot reproduce locally)

There you can see (unfortunately not hear) the permanently notifications (see the bell symbol within the notification)

Hope this helps

We cannot see anything, please attach screens in the port.

What device and Android?
Every manufacturer modifies Android and handles notifications differently.

? See the gdrive link. There you find screen capture video

Asus Zenfone 7 Android 11

Next update will contain navigation notification improvements.

@KingNothing you can check if it works better on your device.

Improved in Kurviger 2.2.2 (Beta).

Fixed! Thank you!

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Hallo, funktioniert die Pfeildarstellung im TFT Cockpit-Display schon bei jemanden und wenn ja mit welcher Maschine.

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I notice that two notifications are generated. I did not notice it before (maybe it is related to Android 12 which recently appeared on my device…) Should it be like that?