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Makes Sense!!

Available in Kurviger 2.2.13 (Beta).

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The display of the current route section is painted differently from the rest of the route,
for performance reasons and to avoid redrawing the route with each location update.

Full paint vs. thin / semi-transparent.

Please test it in navigation (normal or simulation) to see if we need any improvements.


A very desirable option, as we talked about a long time ago. Thanks! But unfortunately it turns off the semi-transparency of the route that I use on a daily basis. So in this form it is not for me.

Maybe if there was some personalization, it would be possible to keep the transparency? Perhaps the best thing would be to be able to define a different color while still being transparent.

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There are many things that can be done with the paint, now that all the key elements are in place.

For your information, now the bottom (thin / semi-transparent) line is painted once for whole route.
If top line is translucent, then the bottom line must not overlap → must split / repaint, as top moves.

Some may even like the top line to move progressively for some meters with each location update.
It would not be nice for performance, so I avoided these in this version and to gather user opinions.


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Available in Kurviger 2.2.14 (Beta).

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Perhaps the previous sections of the route should not be painted at all.

(when we are off route, the whole route is normally painted anyway)

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You did it! :+1: The active route is what I like (wide, semi-transparent) and the inactive sections are discreet and thin! I’m delighted. Thanks :smiley:


If you have some free time, please post a screen of navigation.
It would be interesting to see how you all use this new feature.

It’s perfect for me. Well done @devemux86. Now even the strangest routes are unambiguous and easily noticeable. Many thanks once again!

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A very good idea and a very good implementation. It works very well. Maybe the yellow turning points in the previous sections should also disappear in a similar way?


I try to avoid constantly repainting the route line for better performance.
Now the process works as follows:

  • Active route section is painted with user settings: color, width, arrows, etc.
    (active route section: previous waypoint → next waypoint)
    When <500m to next waypoint, second next route section is also painted.

  • A thin / translucent line is painted from the next waypoint to the destination.

  • In off route situations or when pause the navigation,
    the entire route line is painted with the user settings.

Very clever. Thanks for the clarification. So the route is still drawn, but with “invisible ink” (in my childhood I believed that spies used one :wink:). It really makes a trip around, which sometimes intersects with itself, a lot, lot easier.

Of course, I understand that this solution cannot affect the yellow turning points - luckily, they do not interfere with anything. Especially when their appearance is limited to high zoom levels.

Only the active route section and the next route sections are painted (differently).

It is obvious! You nicely figured out 500 meters before activating the next section.

Diese Lösung hat mich heute sehr überzeugt und gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut.

Allerdings war ich etwas verwundert als ich mal nachsehen wollte wie ich bisher gefahren bin, dass man nun natürlich nicht mehr sieht wo man schon gefahren ist.

Da ich die Trackaufzeichnung mitlaufen hatte, konnte ich teilweise sehen wo ich schon war. Da ich dem Bereich auch noch alte Trackaufzeichnung vorhanden waren, konnte ich dann nichts mehr sehen was meine aktuelle Streck war.

Hier wäre eine Lösung cool wenn man das lösen könnte.

Like the location at the bottom (instead of the center) of the screen.

We are interested in the map and route in front of us.
And avoid mixing the past and the future route lines.

When pause the navigation, the whole route is painted.

The exact operation is described in detail above:

Super geniale Funktion!
Vielen Dank. Nun brauche ich das “wenden” Zeichen wohl gar nicht mehr :smile:
LG Frank


Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.