App: losing filename when loading kurviger files

App reports should be discussed separately in its own topics.

The behavior differs with kurviger files on every import method, since their “overlay” was added recently.
(this was only implemented with gpx in the past)

It will be available in next version.

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Got it again. If you terminate and re-start kurviger, then any route that was loaded is preserved (re-opened) proper, but the filename is reset to a date/time string.


How do you terminate the app? Properly with exit or remove it from recent apps?
The imported route name is preserved during the app lifetime.

Anyway like mentioned above, this works already for gpx files.
For kurviger files will work in next version.

I think its the latter. How would I “properly” terminate it? The back button only puts it into background.


I see. So lets forget it for now then.


No, the Home button puts the app in background.
The Back button (when press twice) exits the app.

Actually, that’s not what I observe.

What I see is that after pushing back twice the app still appears in recent apps. It is the same situation that I get to when pressing the home button. This is on android 7.

What am I missing?

That’s how Android works.

Usually home button puts apps in background and depending on apps implementation back button can exit the apps.
The apps remain in recent apps until Android decides to remove them for memory purposes or user does it explicitly.

The important is that if want to exit Kurviger should use its exit process which stops everything.
The home button pushes Kurviger in background to continue running navigation, gps logging etc.

So this basically means you cannot visually tell whether the app has exited or is only paused.

Couldn’t you also remove it from the recent tasks list when you terminate? But this functionality is probably (API) version dependent.


I tried to explicitly use double back to exit. When re-started the filename still was lost. But this is probably what is fixed in the next version already, right?


That’s already answered above, so kurviger files work similarly to how gpx files work now.

Available in Kurviger 1.13.12 (Beta).

Almost. The filename is preserved now when you first push the back button twice and then re-start kurviger. Unfortunately, it still appears on the recent apps screen after it was terminated. If I manually remove it from recent apps and then re-start, the filename is lost again (same as before). The same is true when you restart the phone with kurviger open.

==> Can you please remove kurviger from the recent apps screen when it terminates?


Android does not work like that, users are free to clear the recent apps.

It works like that all this time with all formats.

Here we discuss Kurviger difference vs GPX, which was just implemented in Kurviger 1.13.12 (Beta).

Please create a separate topic to request a new feature.

Don’t know right now what feature you are talking about. The problem is well described above and is reproducible.


No, the issue was reported here for kurviger only and that is what is discussed here.

That was improved in Kurviger 1.13.12 (Beta) so that kurviger files can be imported
exactly like the gpx files were imported all this time.

If you mean to keep the route file name while removing the app from recents memory,
then please create a separate topic as this is a request for a new feature for all formats.

Added a new topic.


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I just did a small test with new version 1.13.12 (just to be sure :wink:): Works fine (as expected :slightly_smiling_face:) :+1:
Thanks for the implementation!
Regards Markus

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Solved in Kurviger 1.13.13.