App: Lock screen orientation only during navigation / follow

Sometimes, while driving, it happens that the screen turns 90 degrees for a few seconds. Of course, because I have automatic orientation set… :roll_eyes:

But I don’t want to block it in Kurviger or Android settings, because I like planning a route vertically and navigating horizontally (unfortunately, but geometry determines it). So maybe the option of blocking the current orientation only while navigating / following it would be useful?

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How about automatically activating the rotation lock when you start navigation, and unlocking it afterwards? Maybe it could replace any other settings related to the screen layout.

I would appreciate such an option, too. Another possibility would be to extend the screen orientation setting that’s already present in the app so you can not only set it globally, but separately for navigation mode and non-navigation mode. Has anybody given this some thought yet?

Ich finde die Idee gut den Bildschirm während der Navigation bzw. dem Folgemodus automatisch zu sperren. Die manuelle Bildschirm sperre finde ich zu umständlich, vor allem wenn man Sie vergessen hat bevor man die Handschuhe an hat.

I like the idea of automatically locking the screen during navigation or the follow mode. I find the manual screen lock too cumbersome, especially if you forgot to lock it before you put on your gloves.

Coming in next version.

When pause navigation the screen should be unlocked for convenience,
i.e. follow system orientation, until continue navigation again.

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Cool, if that is possible. :+1:

Available in Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta).

Cool! Thanks! (One less task for Tasker) :grinning:

Ich habe zum Test den Folgemodus aktiviert, bei meinem Handy sperrt sich die Bildschirmausrichtung nicht. Oder muss etwas beachtet werden?

I have activated the follow mode for the test, the screen orientation is not locked on my mobile phone. Or do I need to pay attention to something?

Hmm, I could not find any new settings, and screen orientation isn’t locked either.

Kurviger Pro 1.13.16
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G930F
1080 x 1920 (480 dpi)

  • There is the “Settings | Application | Screen orientation” where
    you can select which screen orientation you want to be applied.
    (like before)

  • There is the “Settings | Application | Screen orientation mode”
    where you can select at which mode the orientation is applied.
    (Navigation / Follow is already default)

Thank you for the explanation.
It is working, but IMHO too many possibilities for the user to understand intuitively.

Would it be possible to have just one extra setting?

  • lock current screen orientation during navigation/following

When starting navigation, app should “read” current orientation and then lock it until navigation is stopped.

Community asked for more flexibility in screen orientation:
(there are 3-4 possible states, not only 2)

  • Always
  • Navigation / Follow
  • Off

That’s what is offered and the 2nd choice is also the default,
so only the “Screen orientation” option need to be changed.
(like before)

Well, the functionality is ok.
But I doubt that people would understand, that this setting is actually correct:

At least I needed your explanation above too understand.

There is nothing to understand, just select the preferred screen orientation like before.

Things are simple, screen orientation is not a boolean, but has 6 options.
So its application has 3 states and all these can be combined separately.

Jetzt habe ich die Funktionsweise verstanden. :sweat_smile: ich muss die Bildschirmausrichtung vorwählen zb Querformat und diese wird dann im Navigation/Folgen gesperrt. :smiley: ich denke das könnte zu Verwirrungen führen. :thinking:

Now I understand how it works. :sweat_smile: I have to select the screen orientation zb landscape and this is then locked in the navigation/follow me. :smiley: I think this could lead to confusion. :thinking:

Why, what have you done so far?
Only screen orientation need to be changed (like before).

If you find the new setting confusing I can remove it from Kurviger!
But cannot change it, since we need to think the needs of all users.

Bisher war meine Einstellung System bzw. Sensor, damit funktioniert aber die Sperrung nicht. Vielleicht sollten diese Beiden entfernt werden? :thinking:

Up to now my setting was System or Sensor, but the lock does not work with that. Perhaps these two should be removed? :thinking:

So you use Android system settings and not select a lock.
How do you expect to work, unless select an orientation?

“Sensor” tries to override system limits (by OEMs).
(for details check the related feature topic)

“System” is default and does not cause any trouble.
(like most users expect the app to work)