App: Lock screen orientation only during navigation / follow

Hmm, I could not find any new settings, and screen orientation isn’t locked either.

Kurviger Pro 1.13.16
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G930F
1080 x 1920 (480 dpi)

  • There is the “Settings | Application | Screen orientation” where
    you can select which screen orientation you want to be applied.
    (like before)

  • There is the “Settings | Application | Screen orientation mode”
    where you can select at which mode the orientation is applied.
    (Navigation / Follow is already default)

Thank you for the explanation.
It is working, but IMHO too many possibilities for the user to understand intuitively.

Would it be possible to have just one extra setting?

  • lock current screen orientation during navigation/following

When starting navigation, app should “read” current orientation and then lock it until navigation is stopped.

Community asked for more flexibility in screen orientation:
(there are 3-4 possible states, not only 2)

  • Always
  • Navigation / Follow
  • Off

That’s what is offered and the 2nd choice is also the default,
so only the “Screen orientation” option need to be changed.
(like before)

Well, the functionality is ok.
But I doubt that people would understand, that this setting is actually correct:

At least I needed your explanation above too understand.

There is nothing to understand, just select the preferred screen orientation like before.

Things are simple, screen orientation is not a boolean, but has 6 options.
So its application has 3 states and all these can be combined separately.

Jetzt habe ich die Funktionsweise verstanden. :sweat_smile: ich muss die Bildschirmausrichtung vorwählen zb Querformat und diese wird dann im Navigation/Folgen gesperrt. :smiley: ich denke das könnte zu Verwirrungen führen. :thinking:

Now I understand how it works. :sweat_smile: I have to select the screen orientation zb landscape and this is then locked in the navigation/follow me. :smiley: I think this could lead to confusion. :thinking:

Why, what have you done so far?
Only screen orientation need to be changed (like before).

If you find the new setting confusing I can remove it from Kurviger!
But cannot change it, since we need to think the needs of all users.

Bisher war meine Einstellung System bzw. Sensor, damit funktioniert aber die Sperrung nicht. Vielleicht sollten diese Beiden entfernt werden? :thinking:

Up to now my setting was System or Sensor, but the lock does not work with that. Perhaps these two should be removed? :thinking:

So you use Android system settings and not select a lock.
How do you expect to work, unless select an orientation?

“Sensor” tries to override system limits (by OEMs).
(for details check the related feature topic)

“System” is default and does not cause any trouble.
(like most users expect the app to work)

:roll_eyes: :confused:
I have been using “System” (automatic rotation) for years and do not need an orientation mode any way.

Precisely, we cannot limit other users when introduce new features.
(only offer additional options)

Ich fürchte wir reden aneinander vorbei oder ich versteh wieder einmal das Englische nicht, was ja auch ein Thema in einem anderen Beitrag ist. Ich benutze auch schon immer “System”. Nur mit der Einstellung “System” sperrt sich mein Bildschirm in der App nicht. Er sperrt sich explizit nur wenn ich Hoch oder Quer auswähle…

Let me make two alternative proposals:

Variant 1

As described above:
App “reads” current orientation (which could be one of the either landscape, portrait, reverse portrait, reverse landscape) and locks it at start of navigation.
If the user has selected e.g. system then the app would need to “read” the result, what the current orientation actually is, than lock the resulting orientation.
(that may be difficult to implement :thinking: )

Variant 2

Two independent settings for route planning and navigation/following

  1. Screen orientation for planning:
    • system
    • portrait
    • landscape
    • portrait reverse
    • landscape reverse
    • sensor
  2. Screen orientation for navigation
    • system
    • portrait
    • landscape
    • portrait reverse
    • landscape reverse
    • sensor

(may be easier to implement :thinking: )

Most devices allow 3 screen orientations with “System” setting.
App offers much more options (if they can work on each device).
It’s more flexible for users to try all options and see what works.

That seems more complicated.

Current options are already common, as they’re used likewise in other settings:
Fullscreen mode, Sceeen on, etc.

Leute, ich schüttle den Kopf - bin raus …

Guys, I shake my head, I’m out.

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Hi. My idea in the first post was to block the current state of the screen rotation - currently reading by the Sensor (including upside down, which the System does not always allow) - when starting the navigation/following.

This would probably be the most intuitive and flexible solution - you can imagine someone wanting to simulate a ride on a vertical screen in hand but on a motorcycle, during real driving, they have a horizontal handle.

True, the introduced solution may be a bit confusing at first glance, but after understanding the principle… it works! So thank you Emux for them :slight_smile:


That is not reliable, as Android does not report the “exact” screen orientation.
Only rotation with reference to display’s “natural” orientation (phone vs tablet).
(so the report in each device is different…)

Better let users to test what modes are possible in their devices & then lock it.

I didn’t know that, and I’m surprised! Especially since Tasker recognizes all four orientations. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find Tasker using some unofficial tricks that don’t work on all OEM devices… I believe you have implemented it deliberately and in the right way. It’s OK now.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.17.