App: Improve rerouting at start

Let’s not move away from the discussion’s purpose, what are the most useful start options.

When be away from route, navigation always asks for rerouting, it’s fundamental workflow.

When be near the route, can cancel rerouting at start, resume route & continue navigation.
There is no need to do reroutings for small stops / deviations & risk serious route changes.

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Currently v.1.13.5(beta) when start navigation away from route it looks like this
(with automatic rerouting enabled)

So we have the choice between

  • Start
  • Nearest point on route

and disable (automatic rerouting)

Do you mean that disable should be replaced by resume?
Navigation would then pause automatic rerouting, until I am back on the route for the first time.
And then continue with automatic rerouting :thinking:

I think, I would like such a behavior.

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I replaced it with “Cancel” so that can skip that rerouting action, resume navigation on your own and automatic rerouting continues from there. So workflow can be more flexible based on user preference.

Available in Kurviger 1.13.6 (Beta).

I did some testing with Kurviger 1.13.6 (Beta) around my home base, to simulate this situation:

The “flexible version” (nearest waypoint) behaves very nicely.
If 100m away from route, hit cancel and navigation continues as soon as you are back on your route.

The “strict navigation” works if you start navigation where you paused the route.
It is a bit tricky if you start navigation 100m away from route.

Would it be possible to add a “resume” button (maybe additionally to cancel) as proposed above

Maybe this scenario isn’t too realistic. :thinking:
I think in most cases, you would start navigation at the exact place where you left your bike.
What do others think?

Edit 2:
I think, I had such situations in the past e.g. at a gas station:

  • stop navigation at the gas pump
  • after filling up move the bike a few meters without navigation. e.g. to get some eating.
  • Bingo, I am a few meters away from route.

More buttons usually are not nice, they complicate UI and implementation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can always stop navigation and restart it anytime later.
Now can cancel rerouting at start & so “resume” route.

So resume already exists in some way, only strict navigation has its own rules.
It’s difficult to bend them & want making it flexible again, defeating its purpose.

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Ich hätte nur eine Frage zum Stoppen der Navigation, zB an der Tankstelle. Was verstehst Du unter stoppen, beendest Du die Navigation komplett? Ich lass kurviger immer im Hintergrund laufen (runder Kreis bei meinem Handy).
I would only have one question about stopping navigation, e.g. at the gas station. What do you mean by stop, do you stop the navigation completely? I always let the navigation run in the background (round circle on my mobile phone).

Here navigation is stopped i.e. the symbol (in the red circle) is not blue anymore.
I usually do this at any pause of the route e.g. at a gas station.

  • because I don’t want to hear “route missed” messages at the cashier
  • because I hope, that this would save battery

Ok, Danke Dir. Wenn Du den Helm auflässt verständlich. :slight_smile: Ich nehme Ihn immer ab und das Handy lade ich am Motorrad.
Okay, thank you. When you leave your helmet on, understandably. :slight_smile: I always take it off and charge the phone on the bike.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.