App: Improve BRouter turn instructions

BRouter does not generate turn instructions for waypoints.
So BRouter routes don’t know waypoints, only start + end.

That may concern navigation (reported here and here).

We must post process & enrich BRouter results before use.

Related to the feature:

Hallo @devemux86, ist das ein generelles BRouter-Problem oder ließe sich das durch ein anderes Profil lösen?
Hello @devemux86, is this a general BRouter problem or could it be solved by another profile?

Seems like BRouter’s design choice in its instructions generator.

Also BRouter does not deliver street names by design. They are not contained in its rd5 data files:

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Ok, Danke Dir, ich hatte gerade überlegt ob man das testen könnte.
Okay, thank you. I was just wondering if you could test it.

Available in Kurviger 1.13.6 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.

Q: Is it be possible to enrich extra ? By adding 180° non directional type U-turns ?
Kurviger U-turns

I have a prototype from the past that works on all routing engines.
And it is before routing engines started providing turn instructions.

The turn instructions should be generated by the routing engines,
which know the road segments & traffic rules at each route point.

Here I just post-added the missing instructions for the waypoints.