App: Import GPX tracks in GPS recording

Import tracks from GPX files into the GPS recording database of recorded tracks.

It will be available in the next Kurviger 2 update.

This way you can extract your recorded tracks from Kurviger 1 Pro
and transfer them to Kurviger 2 or other devices.

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Available in Kurviger 2.0.9 (Beta).

An improved implementation is available in Kurviger 2.0.10 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.12.

I just subscribed to Kurviger 2.0.14 because I saw it now allows me to import my GPS tracks. Unfortunately that feature isn’t working for me. In Kurviger 1.14.19, I clicked the GPS Recording button and selected save current track. Then in Kurviger 2, I click GPS Recording and select Import GPX Track but nothing happens.
If I load the same GPX file as a route the tracks are loaded but they also get cleared when I select Clear from the Route menu.
When I originally saved the file, I select all checkboxes. I repeated the above but unchecked all the boxes. This time an error was displayed. “At line 303492, column 6: junk after document element.”
Being able to import my previous tracks into the GPS Recording was the primary reason I held off on subscribing to the new version.
Hopefully either I’m doing something wrong or this is an easy bug to fix.

Being able to import my previous tracks into the GPS Recording was the primary reason I held off on subscribing to the new version.

The subscription has a free trial period, so you can check if it works for you.

Can you post the saved gpx file, so we can check your report and if the file is valid?

Local tests show the export / import processes with any options to work correctly.

This looks like a huge file (how many km?).

For best performance it is recommended to save + clear GPS recording from time to time.
(especially if the recorded track appears on the screen)

It is a huge file. It’s 19344.4 miles. I like to keep tracks on everyplace I ride.
I managed to get almost the full track imported. I saved it again and waited a long time before I exited kurviger. Then I did an import and again waited a long time. The two tracks are very close now, the import is 19331.2 miles so only a small distance was lost.
I’ll save the files later today so I can share them with you.

See the above advice.

It was not meant to handle such enormous tracks.
So you need to let the export finish or the saved file is invalid.

It is better to keep separate gpx files.

I have to disagree that keeping seperate GPX tracks is better. The reason that I keep all the tracks is so that I know which roads I’ve riding just by looking at my previous tracks while I’m riding. If I saved and cleared tracks after each ride I wouldn’t be able to see this information. Here is a screenshot which shows some of my rides over the past year. When I’m riding, and the map is zoomed I can quickly tell if it is a road I’ve been on before. I’ve found some great roads by intentionally turning onto roads with no tracks. So having all this available is very useful for me.

I can share the tracks files with you, the file that mostly worked and the files that didn’t but I’d rather not post them on a public forum.

The purpose of GPS recording is not to keep track of all routes forever.

You can keep them as gpx files and use an external tool to process (split / merge) them.
e.g. RouteConverter

And load them as overlay when you want to display them.

No need to share the track, the reason was found: the enormous track / file.

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It may not have been your intention for GPS tracks but it is how I have been using them. I’ve used other apps that don’t keep a running tally of my tacks or if they do, they don’t really display them well and don’t like them. Kurviger does keep them and just as importantly, displays them and I like this feature very much, it’s one of the major reasons I bought the app, have donated $5 monthly for over a year and just bought the subscription for the new version. An external app isn’t how I am or even could use the tracks the way that I use them since, as stated, I would be able to view where I road as I ride.

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Thanks for the support! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can only advise so that you can keep the app running well.

I will see if there can be any message when the exports are completed.
(Android’s forced scoped storage made file operations more difficult)

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Thanks, and sorry if my message came out harsh, that wasn’t my intention. Just stating that very often when we write software applications, our customers find ways to use them that we never intended.


Hello ninloot,
I use the website similar. I import the older planned routing files in the website as overlay. Then i plan a new routing try to prevent the well known streets.
Cheers hampic

It will be available in next app update.

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