App: GPS logging

Will be able to also continue the existing track. :slightly_smiling_face:

GPS logging is certainly not finalized! Being important for most of you, we preferred to start early the discussion - while I still work on that - so we can optimize it better together.

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Time interval (3s)

Typical motorcycle speed is 3m/s to 30m/s. (~ 10km/h - 100km/h)
So every 3s means 1 trackpoint every 10m - 100m.
Seams reasonable, but even 10s is fine.

Minimum distance (5m)

To prevent logging multiple points while standing at the same place.
I would increase it to at least 10m
Here is a real world logging of a stop at a gas station.

Minimum GPS accuracy (50m)

To prevent logging of obviously incorrect values.
Seams reasonable.

keep it simple!

I wouldn’t bother the user with to many options, and offer only a minimum set of options:

  • record track during navigation (= of course)
  • show track on map (= great idea)
  • time interval (= maybe)



GPS logging settings with defaults:

  • Time interval: 1-60 sec
  • Minimum distance: 0-50 m
  • Minimum GPS accuracy: 0-100 m
  • Minimum speed: 0-10 km/h


Look perfect. Even with luxury options like color and track width! :+1:t3:

I’m really looking forward to this future version.


Implemented in Kurviger 1.9.

I tried the recording feature today and one question remains: Where is the GPX file that contains the recorded track? There is no option in the settings to set the file directory/name and I looked in Phone/Android/data/ but there is nothing added.

Nevermind, I just found it out: After stopping the recording, you must tap the recording icon again, then you can save the recording.

Richtig, Sie müssen den Track manuell speichern.
Bei mir ist das “Problem” das ich nicht auf die SD-Card speichern kann, sondern eine Fehlermeldung bekomme.
Auf den internen Speicher dagegen klappt es problemlos.

Right, you have to save the track manually.
My “problem” is that I can’t save the track to the SD card, but get an error message.
On the internal memory however it works without problems.

I describe the GPS logging with more details also here:
(can save current track while recording is active or not)

Can specify the export folder in “Settings | Application | Export folder” for all save / export actions.

Unfortunately Android is more and more restrictive regarding apps to write on SD card.
And from next Android Q there will be more restrictions even in device internal storage.

Wäre es möglich für die GPS-Aufzeichnung noch einen Folgemodus zu aktivieren, am besten über die Einstellungen “GPS-Aufzeichnung”?
Ähnlich dem Folgemodus nach Ankunft unter “Navigation”.

Would it be possible to activate a follow-up mode for the GPS recording, preferably via the “GPS recording” settings?
Similar to the follow mode after arrival under “Navigation”.

What do you mean?
Can start / stop GPS logging on will when use the follow location or navigation modes.

I think @luckytown means the settings for GPS-logging.
Currently you have an option “Track while in Navigation mode”
to start GPS-logging automatically while you are in navigation mode.

I guess @luckytown whishes an additional option “Track while in follow location mode”
I think, he wants to use that in conjunction with
settings|navigation|follow-location after arrival
So that GPS-logging is continued after arrival.


Hallo Manfred,

So ähnlich meine ich es. Allerdings nicht beim Navigieren. Was ich meine ist, das ich Jemanden hinterher oder einfach nur ins Blaue fahre. Heißt ohne Navigation, ich starte dann das GPS-Logging und die Karte folgt nicht automatisch meiner Position. Ich hoffe das ist verständlicher geschrieben. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Manfred,

That’s what I mean. But not while navigating. What I mean is that I drive someone behind or just into the blue. Without navigation, I start the GPS logging and the map does not automatically follow my position. I hope that’s written more understandably

To start follow location mode can long press location button (bottom right), see also documentation.

GPS logging cannot initiate other features, it’s independent and currently there is the option for the navigation to start / stop it.

Ok, das mit dem lange Drücken weiß ich. Nur manchmal vergisst man es in der Hektik und während der Fahrt ist es mir zu gefährlich. Deswegen wäre eine automatische Lösung schön gewesen.

Ok, I know that with the long press. Only sometimes you forget it in the rush and while driving it is too dangerous for me. That’s why an automatic solution would have been nice.

I can examine if the same option can start / stop GPS logging when either mode: follow or navigation starts / stops.


Sounds good. Without any change in the user interface. :smile:
Just a “little” change under the hood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@luckytown it’s available currently in Kurviger 1.10.1 (Beta) if want to test it.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.

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