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Yet another feature request which was mentioned quite often in the old Google forum so I think it’s worth a post in this new forum: it would be great to have a tracking function which can automatically be activated every time I use the Kurviger app. Until now I’m using “GPS Logger”, but unfortunately it sometimes happens that I forgot to activate it and therefore have missing sections in my tour track.

Have fun and ride safe!

Of course I don’t mean that tracking should forced to be activated. There should be an option for tracking.

But if this option is switched on it should not be necessary to start and stop tracking manually every time I’m using the app. I loved the automatic tracking of my good old Garmin Zumo 220. And I hate stupid tracking functions like for example the navigation app of MyRoute-app has.

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Hallo Jungs!

Besteht eigentlich die Möglichkeit eine gefahrene Strecke als Route oder Track aufzuzeichnen und abzuspeichern?
Natürlich spreche ich von der AppNavigation auf der AndroidApp.


Danke für die Anfrage, ich habe deine Anfrage in den entsprechenden Beitrag verschoben. Und ja eine Aufzeichnung ist geplant :slight_smile:.

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This would be a very nice feature for myself. Having to run a tracker application in parallel (which I currently do) is always a bit cumbersome.

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cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I think it was already in discussion, but I don’t find the topic.

Tracing the route, is this still under construction?

Merged topic here.

This feature is also in our program. :slightly_smiling_face:

Schau dir mal die App “GPSLogger” an. (Satellit in blauen Feld).
Startet beim Hochfahren oder bei Anforderung und speichert den Track automatisch beim Beenden.

The season in Europe did start already. When will Track recording be available in Kurviger?

Many new features are coming and GPS tracking is one of them.

Though we prefer to not promise ETA, but continue hard work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good strategy :ok_hand::wink:

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Thanks for proposing this feature and the discussion :slight_smile:.

Many of you noted, that you use external tracking apps.

Could you describe how you use these apps and what settings you use in these apps? How often do you ask the app to record a location, do you have a min distance set? Why do you use this particular app and not a different tracking app?

Could you provide some more information about this? What part of this feature don’t you like in the MyRoute app and what do you like about the tracking feature of your Zumo 220?


To clarify, most GPS loggers have options for the time interval of recording or filters for the min distance / max GPS accuracy / min speed that valid logged locations should have.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone using such apps, what options they have enabled and with which values, so we can offer a similar and user intuitive experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ich nutze GPSLogger von Mendhak
werbefrei, kostenlos, er bittet aber um eine Spende von 5,99€.

Einstellungen bei mir:
Automatischer Start beim Einschalten des Handys
Protokoll als GPX 1.1
neue Datei 1x am Tag
GPS/GNSS Standort aufzeichnen: AN
Log network locations: AN
GPS zwischen den Positionsbestimmungen eingeschaltet lassen: AN
Genauigkeit in Metern: 20
Aufzeichnung pausieren, wenn keine Standortänderung erfolgt: AN
Alle anderen Einstellungen: Standard

Die GPS Datei schreibt die APP automatisch beim Ausschalten des Handys, bei Anforderung mit der Möglichkeit eine Beschreibung hinzuzufügen oder eben beim Beenden der App mit Datumstempel auf das Handy.


Danke für die Beschreibung. Nutzt du dabei hauptsächlich die automatische Speicherung der Datei oder speicherst du meist manuell?

Ich nutze fast ausschließlich die Automatik.
Wenn ich Zeit und Lust hab archiviere ich die interessanten Tracks auf dem PC.

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Sure. I don’t like GPS tracking solutions which I have to start manually to begin tracking (or to continue it after a pause during a tour). Quite often I simply forgot to start tracking and after returning home I realized that I (once again) don’t have any tracks of my tour (or only some parts of it). Or I noticed that tracking isn’t switched on after starting my ride and didn’t want to fiddle with the smartphone or make a stop to activate tracking (escpecially if I have some buddies with me or am even the tour guide).

GPS tracking should always be actiavted if I’m using a navigation device (or app). The MyRoute app doesn’t have automatic tracking (really, really annoying). My good old Garmin Zumo 220 always automatically stored tracks for every day, so I was always able to import it into BaseCamp afterwards.

In fact this doesn’t matter by now, because I don’t use both of them any longer, because the Kurviger app is my solution now (and sometimes Sygic, if I’m dependent on offline routing).

But for GPS tracking I unfortunately have to use “GPS Logger”. Configuration:

  • automatically activated if smartphone is started/used (“always on” mode)
  • create GPX logs and save them once a day automatically
  • automatically share saved logs with my Dropbox account
  • distance between two tracking points: 50m
  • tracking intervall: every 10sec (only of GPS position changed more than 50m)

After a tour I import the saved track from the Dropbox folder into BaseCamp and if necessary I cut off the parts of the track which don’t belong to my trip (which means at the begin or end of a day’s GPX log). Then I upload the GPX-track to the library of my MyRoute-app website account (where I store and organize all my routes and tracks).

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I also use the GPS Logger from Mendhak.
I created a profile motorcycle-10s, which I start manually when needed.
One tracking-point per 10s, everything else default.

For Kurviger, I would say:

  • one file per day
  • start tracking when navigation (or follow position) is ON.



After Google shutdown its My Tracks application, another popular choice is: