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App: Distance to selected POI on screen

Being a previous Sygic user and loving kurviger i must say i really need the option to display distance to POI which are on the planned route. I’m using the POI had station always: on the navigation screen the distance to up to 3 gas stations are shown. This gives me enough info to decide whether we’re can continue riding or need to select the gas station. In case no gas station is shown we do need to stop in time and search for one. With kurviger you always have to stop and search. Showing them on the navigation screen would really help.
Would this be possible?

Mean distance to preset waypoints on route (discussed in feature topic below)?
Currently can show distance to next waypoint (tap distance panel at top right).

Or distance to any POI outside route (where can calculate its beeline distance)?

I mean distance to a POI category like fuel stations. Not the distance to a waypoint. Personally i don’t see the advantage of having the distance to a waypoint since my waypoints are merely used to steer the planning to a certain direction.

would be to much information for me

what should be shown there?
only POI along your route? -> the next station can be 230 km away, while a good gas station is just 100 m next to your route

any POI in the area? -> the next station can be 10 km behind you in wrong direction, while a good one is 15 km in the right direction, so you need to look again

in remote areas I need to worry about gas at 170-km-since-last-refuel
in urban areas at 200-km-since-last-refuel

so I stop, I see ALL staions at one glance and take the one that I want

Only POI along the route should be shown. This gives the first indication whether you have to stop early or can continue without risk

Calculate continuously the distance from user location to arbitrary map coordinates (i.e. POI) can only be done if use the straight beeline distance.

So no actual road distance can be offered and cannot see how this can be useful, when beeline vs road distances can be vastly different.

Plus there are no POI markers along the route anyway, only waypoints to be handled elsewhere.

Just wondering how for example SYGIC handles this then. In their calculation it is possible but I’ve got no clue why. Anybody?

Provided there are POI from some source and they’re next to the route, then can project them on the route and calculate the road distances up to those virtual points. That’s how all these algorithms work.