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App: Display speed limit

The speed limit and street name are provided by the calculated route.
So they can only work when navigating on route.

Or else would need to constantly ask (online) a provider for that data.
(that could happen the old days when GraphHopper (offline) worked)


Thanks for the info - I did not know if speed limit is part of the vector map data (mapsforge) - learned again :+1:

We explicitly don’t show fallback values. While these can be correct, they might not be. Only the tagged values in OSM are returned to the client. This has two reasons:

  • Avoid showing incorrect values, because we inferred something wrong (if it’s tagged incorrectly at OSM, then there is nothing we can do :slight_smile:)
  • Help to raise awareness where data in OSM is missing

I tested the speed limit display today for the first time and also kept an eye on it during the tour. Has worked really well and mostly the data on the speed were available. Great new feature! :+1:
One question I have, just for understanding. The data comes from OSM. Does anyone know how time-limited speed limits are displayed? So if, for example, on a road from 22p.m-6a.m speed 70 is valid but I drive at 18 p.m. there.

Can the slider be increased to 40 please? Alternatively I ask for confirmation with “No, because…”. Then it must remain deactivated.

How many time you want to ask this again :wink:?
And then you are wondering, why calculated travel time is to long for your routes :slightly_smiling_face:.

I could change the min / max / default values.

What min / max / default values they have?

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until I get a comprehensible answer :-)… also a NO is acceptable for me.

That’s totally ok, then the breaks are automatically driven out/included :shushing_face:

I find this feature very good, but I don’t want to be talked at all the time :upside_down_face:

Navigon Cruiser has 35 as max, therefore I suggested 40 as more round value :grinning:

Hello, should this not be part of the map itself? Meaning downloaded.

What, the speed limits?

No, the map contains only the data required for rendering.
All the rest comes from the routing services.

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.12.

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It is available in Kurviger 2.0.12.