App: Display speed limit

Why it “must” be 100% correct? Add a disclaimer or call it a beta feature?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be 100% correct.

But between “not 100% correct” and “many errors” is a wide range.

The problem is that you can be deceived quickly if you receive false information on the road while riding and have once started to trust it inuitively.

But it was just my personal experience and comment - I don’t want to discuss it much. :wink:

Hallo, ist schon ein Termin in Sicht?
Wäre auch für mich ein Top Feature.

It’s in our todo list, please vote for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Friends,

To not overload the display, I would suggest to change the colour of the speed display to red, if the speed limit is exceeded.

It’s just an idea.

Regards, Nico

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Hi Nico,

The problem is not visual, but include the route speed limits from OSM database (wherever they exist and are correct).

After that how to visualize them would be easier, probably via a new max speed panel and a warning if exceed speed limit.

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Hi devemux86,

I thought that it is not that easy.

I think it should be just something helpful and nothing what a user is taking to serious. There are to many changes of speed limits around the world. But it will maybe also animate users to report changes to OSM, if they realize something wrong.

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Agree,displaying speed limits is very important.

Server currently does not include speed limits, so such information is not available.

When server will be updated to support speed limits, then the app can show them.

I use Tempo Master to display Speedlimits in kurviger App. It is used as an Overlay and has many settings.
Good enough for me

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Any news on when the server will be updated? Where can I vote for this feature? Sounds very promising and would make a very good App even better :slight_smile:

Hi bikers,

The Kurviger Tourer function includes max speed along my route. see picture
If I subscribe to the service, will the speed limits be displayed in the Kurviger Pro application?
Or will speed limits only appear on the web?

Please see carefully the website subscription page description where it mentions:

“The listed features are only valid for the website and don’t have an influence on the Android App.”

Display current speed limit will be implemented separately in app navigation.

The waiting time for the new function could be bridged with Tempo Master:

2021-03-24 08_46_31-Speedtest.mp4 - VLC media player
- see YouTube

This is a simulation therefore the speed is constantly 60 km/h - the adjustable warning beep here takes place with more then 15 km/h over limit …

But: The indication of the maximum speed is currently not well maintained in the OSM - so there often is no or even wrong information.

Thank you for your response.
Kurviger Pro is amazing navigation application. :ok_hand:
I look forward to this function.

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Thank you for your response.
I apologize for my English.

I tried “Tempomaster”, but the database is only available in a few countries.
And I’m from the Czech Republic.
And my country is not in this database.

So I searched intensively further and this morning I found the right application.
That application is called TomTom AmiGO

I tried the application in the afternoon and it works very well.
Accuracy approx. 90%
But I was not in a big city.
I’m going to the big city on Monday, but I believe it will work well.
This application is developed by the navigation manufacturer TomTom.
So it contains their database of speed limits.
It’s free, so you can try it. The downside is that the application must be online.
It also contains a database of speed cameras, but it is not very accurate.
Many speed cameras are missing in this database. Maybe just for my country.

I use Radarbot Pro to warn of speed cameras.
It’s a paid application, but I can recommend it to you.
Huge database in many EU countries.
It is also in the Free version, but it does not include the overlay display function.

And both applications can be turned on automatically using a bluetooth device. That’s great. :ok_hand:

TomTom AmiGO: The maximum speed on the motorway in this section is 130 km/h
Radarbot Pro: Indicates that in 882m there will be a speed camera with a maximum speed of 80 km/h

It also shows very slow limits:

You can try it!

Enjoy but wheels down! :+1:

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Tomtom Amigo requires sharing and reuse of location and route data. This is completely unacceptable to me. App immediately deleted again.

App permissions of Radarbot Pro are also too comprehensive for me.

Oha, navigation and speed Infos without location and routing data. Interesting …

That’s not the point at all. If the data were kept locally on the smartphone or not stored in the first place, that would be perfectly fine. But this typical sarcastic remark ignores the fact that by using the app, you have to agree that the location and routing data will be used for analysis purposes and passed on to third parties.
Anyone who doesn’t care about their personal data is welcome to do so. For me, however, this is completely unacceptable.

Yes, it is your freedom of choice.
According to the statement, the shared data is anonymized.
You can disable this data collection option in the AmiGO settings.