App: Display next waypoint

Thanks for the testing.

Everything to be implemented was mentioned above (no one answered):

No, the font size in all the top panels is the same.
It can not be too large as they show a lot of text.

We test different implementations in Beta.

This is how Android text views works.

I wanted to ask that, we can remove the numbers in named waypoints.

The numbering of the waypoints (via + shaping) is continuous (as on the website).
Otherwise it would be very confusing to use them.

That is why we have the custom names,
you should name the via points or use shaping points.

Precisely, we are in testing mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your middle name I guess …

To make it clear: I will not use the next waypoint panel, the number in the distance panel is enough for me - so I don’t care about this discussion here anyway. And I won’t say anything more about the fontsize either. Not to mention the overlay apps, which steal the last bit of your map.

But: The numbering of the waypoints should remain as it is - basta!

As already mentioned recently: Why don’t you name your x waypoints as you want them, e.g. “(4) Burg R…”? Then would appear: “113.9 km - 11. (4) Burg R…”.
Just to save this little effort, all here should “dance to your tune”? Strange.

Because we are in beta mode - I’d like if Emux goes back to “waypoint xx” …

Precisely, we test things and I can revert anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like the waypoint names or the App: Waypoint number in distance panel.
I have not yet decided on anything that will be final.

actually I wanted to ignore your comments, but this is a personal attack, which violates the forum guidelines. There seem to be people who have to give their two cents about everything, even if it’s inappropriate, such as contact lenses in response to font size, and who can’t stand it when someone disagrees with them.

yes thanks


ok didn’t know

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sure, no problem with that. We are living in a democracy and you are the boss :grin: :wink:

Very good to put the panel next waypoint and the distance . :slight_smile:

As for adding the waypoint number to the name I don’t think it’s necessary, as I put the name I want to see just name and no need to add anything else (except the distance in front as it comes out now).

As for the waypoint example if I put the name “Burg Ramstein” I would like to see “112.5 km • Burg Ramstein” and not “112.5 km • 11.Burg Ramstein”, in this second case there are two numbers too close that can lead to confusion when taking a quick look at gps.
If we leave the original name now shows us “1.2 km • 1. Waypoint”, I like more “1.2 km • Waypoint 1”

I would also ask if the distance can be shown in the waypoints list

Good job, thanks !

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Waypoint numbers are dynamic (only names are fixed).

Rerouting, skip next waypoint, avoid roadblock change them,
as passed waypoints are removed (only next ones are used).

Waypoint numbers may be useful in routing, not in navigation.
Names should be set on important waypoints (used in panels).

Let’s return to the last more understandable name appearance.
As this panel is more useful to display custom waypoint names.


Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.