App: Display next waypoint

Available in Kurviger 2.2.9 (Beta).

It seems that the street names are shown in the panel although I have ticked off the checkbox. Same with turning instructions. Even if ticked off, they are shown in the panel.
It says for example “20 km Rice mill. Turning.” instead of “20 km Rice mill”
Show the next waypoint and the turning symbol in the panel with distance to it is nice, but not with written turning instructions.

If you mean the possible turn instructions (e.g. u-turn) on via points in the new panel,
it will be improved more in the next app update, so only the waypoint name appears.

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Yes thanks, that’s what I meant.

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The improvement will be available in the next app update.

very nice, just one remark:
by default all wp’s are named waypoints and with big font size I have no clue which waypoint is meant because the text is cut.
I only see Wegpunkt…

Would it be possible to display the waypoints as WP, so abreviated? WP1, WP2, WP3…
Then I wouldn’t need to rename every waypoint in order to be able to read the wp number.
When the waypoint has a special name, then of course display the name like it is.

Additionally why is the turn instruction written additionally? For example I have here a waypoint 14 which I only want to visit and then turn back. I don’t need it to be called " Wegpunkt 12 Wenden" , just “WP 14” would be fine, as long as it has no special name.

Your image shows the numbers.
1 word + number (without turn instruction) should always fit.

The improvement will be available in the next app update.
(mentioned here)

but not while driving, then I only see: “Wegpunkt…” or even “Wegpun…”

Maybe I don’t understand. I thought the improvement would be that it doesn’t show the turning instruction, but it still shows the “Wenden”, in englisch turn around for the WP 14

It is expected with extremely large font size…
The left and right panels are connected! :slightly_smiling_face:

do you mean the 2.2.11 then? Because I have already installed the 2.2.10 and this is still showing the turning instruction (I have now reduced the font size to show but I like the big font size because I then don’t need glasses.

The post was made after the Kurviger 2.2.10 (Beta) announcement,
so it can be available in the next app update.

perfect thanks… the abreviation for default wp naming, is this also something to manage?

There are no universal abbreviations in all languages and users may not understand them.

We could remove the distance (it already exists in the top-right distance panel).
Or make the waypoint panel multi-line.

no please not remove the distance, because then I see the distance to the next waypoint on the top and the distance to the destination right-hand side, I like that. Any idea how I could mass rename the wp names then in .kurviger files and in the web tool in the cloud files?

We can use a shorter word or just the waypoint number:

  • 20.9 km • Point 14
  • 20.9 km • #14

For as long as I can remember “WP” was short for “Waypoint”. I think it would be universal and understandable to everyone (also non-english users - e.g. like me). Both “Point” and even more “#” could be confusing what they refer to… That’s my three cents.

I don’t mean to be rude, but in all seriousness I wonder: why should we change this at all? Just so that a person does not have to rename the default waypoints (without names)? Strange …
Such a request would not even be answered at Garmin or TomTom, I think.

Indeed, waypoints you want to watch in the new waypoint panel
are usually those with custom names, i.e. the interesting points.

Waypoint 14, Point 15, #16, WP 17: numbers are not memorable.

In my opinion, it is not about remembering waypoints. When navigating, one just want to know the distance to the next waypoint. I don’t care what it’s called. Anyone can set waypoints or shaping points wherever they want. The one give it a name, others don’t care about names.
I find the abreviation “WP” universal, Garmin for example also uses “WP” as an abbreviation for waypoints by default.

But I also find “#” universal for a marker or waypoint. This does not need to be translated. Anyone who wants to name their waypoint can do so and has no problem at all interpreting # 14 as waypoint 14. What else should it be in a route planner and navigation system?

Anyone who wants can also interpret a problem into anything, like always in life.

Why not using glasses? Would solve some problems without destroying graphics and text at large zoom levels.