App: Display battery level

If you use Kurviger in full screen, there is no information about the battery level - and yet it is very important info.

Would it be possible to add a panel with this value (and of course external power status)?

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No possibility to charge your phone during driving? Makes things so much eaysier…

Is this feature really necessary? When charging the battery before using the app then battery level is interesting after hours. When riding a long time there are some driving interuptions (to refill fuel, drinking, ?smoking?, …). At these breaks you can have a look to battery level outside the Kurviger app.
At low level you have to charge. Perhaps using a powerbank for charging the battery in these breaks generally.
Keep Kurviger simple and slim for routing and navigation.


Nobody said that!
The phone can be charged as usual.

Indeed, let’s keep the app simple (at least for now). App ultimately has a specific purpose.

If someone wants to watch the battery level or device time, can skip the fullscreen option.

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Yes of course! I asked if clutnik had no way of charging. Because if you are charging during driving anyway, then why indicate the charging status. In my opinion it is superfluous.

Of course, I have non-stop power supply via a dedicated RAM handle. But there can be many reasons why the device won’t charge despite this (I’ve experienced it several times). That is why I proposed a simple control of the charging process.

Currently (only when I drive a moto), my system checks the battery level every 10 minutes, and in the case of a drop level or power failure, I receive a corresponding voice prompt.

No, it is not necessary, but it gives you a sense of security that you will suddenly be left without navigation :slight_smile:

But naturally, I accept the argument about maintaining lightness and simplicity of application. Forgive me, but I’m addicted to complicating my life - in no case would I like to do it to You! :smiley:


Available in Kurviger 2.0.10 (Beta).

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Works great.
Do I need it? I don’t think so, my Motorola G7Power still had just over 50% battery after about 5 hours of navigation today. The battery is simply a monster.

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.12.