App: Display average speed

I would suggest to display the average speed instead of or additionally to the allowed max speed or add this as 2 more toggles in the navigation bar:
1st toggle: average speed including pauses (full time since navigation start)
2nd toggle: average speed without pauses (stop counting the time when speed is less than a 2 km/h for example - this could be the default toggle)

Additionally please also store or calculate these 2 variants of average speed somewhere in the GPS recording for later review per every new GPS recording (tour)… maybe there is a better idea to save this.

Kurviger saves a GPX containing all the necessary data for this. Isn’t it better to use a specialized application for GPX statistics? I rarely need it, but sometimes I use Locus for stats and track editing.


I don’t want to use an additional app to analyze something. I would prefer an easy display method within Kurviger. If data is available why not display it while driving and at the the end of the tour with the GPS stream?

It depends on the purpose of each app: routing, navigation, analysis, everything, …

Because it was not requested, therefore it was not implemented.

The future is unknown, I will think about the next features. :thinking:

What did the thought process reveal? It doesn’t need to be a big statistics like other apps do. Lean Angle or other things often are available on the bike, even more precisely than from the phone. But average speed per hour without pauses (pure riding time) and a separe value for average speed per hour including pauses (full time from Start to End) is something that is very interesting for me. It helps to get a better feeling how quick you can get from A to B.

Nothing, why do you have no patience?

Please wait patiently for the next features and when there is time I will think about them.

fully ok, just a question if it is in the thinking pipeline :slight_smile:

Is the topic average speed in sight somehow?

We will see in the future.

It is more like a statistic calculated using the recorded track in specialized programs.
(versus real time navigation)

In any case, statistics can be calculated from the distance / time in active movement.

sounds good, the future is always full of hope