App crashes sometimes

Hi all,

in general I am totally happy with the App, but yesterday I had twice a crash of the App that required a reboot of my mobile. My wife had made the same experience on her device too, but I thought first that this was a bug in the device as this happened more often to her. So here is what happens:

The App is started, works fine and all of a sudden the screen starts blinking and no more functionality is given. The App can still be closed but then none of the other apps on the mobile work.

Phone: Ulefone Armor X8 (same model for me and my wife), Android 11
Kurviger Version: 2.2.28
Launcher 10 App as desktop

Is there something I can do to find the root cause? Or is there a log file that might help?

In my opinion this is a bug of the operating system.
All apps are isolated from each other and no app should be able to influence another app.
So if Kurviger crashes all other apps should still work .

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