App-crash issues with offline maps

I am using the Android Kurviger App on a Cubot Quest with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space. I downloaded the offline maps for Germany and some surrounding countries.
The Cubot is for navigation only and has no SIM card but it’s connected to my main mobile via hotspot.
At the beginning this seemed to work well and I already had 2 tours with this setup.
But now I face issues when I try running the app this way. Every time that I start the app with the offline maps it freezes and I need to restart the device to solve this.
Only by renaming the app path (so that it could not start again with the offline maps) I could make it work again. This did not change with a re-install of the app.
With online maps there seems to be no such issue, but if course I want to have this setup working with offline maps…

Anybody else knows about this? What can be done on this case?

Can you post more device details: copy here the “Settings | About | Info”.

What app path is that?
Convenient way for clear all app settings is to uninstall / reinstall it.

What map file shows this behavior?
Can you try with a small map, like

Console shows some strange OpenGL issues from a graphics card / driver.
If it’s that model with those chipset & gpu, unfortunately seems not unusual.

Thanks for your reply :+1:

It’s a CUBOT_QUEST_V11_20190529
With Android 9.0

The app path I renamed is:

As I had downloaded the offline maps to this directory, I thought renaming is the way to avoid that they will be deleted.
And it worked :grinning:

I tried with but did not yet tried a smaller map, like e.g. only for my region. Will do this later…

And the model you linked is the one that I have.
As I bought this for navigation it would of course be a pity if it’s one with such strange issues.
I just think that if it would be a graphic gard issue, it should happen with the online maps as well - shouldn’t it?

It has not a common chipset / graphics card like Qualcomm Snapdragon, so everything could be possible in their drivers.

Since it’s the only such report on one specific device model, could be also something specific to other Android modifications that unfortunately many manufacturers do without following Android official guidelines.

Can you try Cruiser GL (Kurviger uses its platform) and see if open map files works there?

Sorry for not replying faster.
In the meantime I have made some trails with Cruiser GL as well.
In fact, there I have the same issues and as well only with offline maps.
It seems that these freezes and crashes only happen when I zoom out and move the map to get a quick overview.
It is not that the app generally crashes with the offline maps. Yesterday for example I planned a trip of ~200km and the navigation worked with absolutely no issues… (I am now referring to Kurviger).

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