App: Configurable zoom level when off route

I really love the new configurable min and max zoom levels used while in navigation-mode, which were introduced with the latest version of the Kurviger app. :+1:

To make it perfect it would be great, if it would also be possible to configure the zoom level which is used if you’re in the non-navigation map view (used while you’re off the route and rerouting is disabled). Seems that in this view a separate, fixed zoom level is used (which is neither the min, nor the max zoom level I configured).

Thanks for the feedback!

Currently when off route the zoom reverts to fixed 14 level.

In dynamic auto zoom where min not equal to max, we could use the min level when off route?
(to avoid more options in settings)

To be honest, I really would prefer to have an additional configuration option.

Reason: while off the route it’s better to have a smaller zoom (even smaller than the configured max zoom level) to be able to see more of the area around you, because sometimes you have to drive a longer detour and then it’s better to still see the route to find a way back to it (even if it’s farer away).

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@SchlesiM what min / max auto zoom levels do you usually have and what value you consider for off route zoom?

Another thought to consider is when being off route to use the last map view zoom before navigation starts.

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I’m using 13 as min and 17 as max at the moment. But off the route I’d use 12 (or even less, if that would be possible).

Sounds good, because it’s quite flexible this way. But maybe this could be a little bit confusing for some people if they don’t get this functionality right and therefore are then wondering why the zoom level while off route is always different. :wink:


Hmmm, the longer I think about such a mechanism, the more I like this idea. Maybe worth a try and probably should also be configurable (“use last map zoom level”).

Not sure if this is a good idea. I usually start navigation in a rather high zoom (press the location button to see if I am on the route and everything looks correct). Also this leads to an inconsistent behavior of the app. If you don’t know this mechanism, you are wondering why it uses different zooms every day.

This feature has been implemented. For more details see the release notes here: Kurviger 1.2

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maby a zoom level based on the amount of roads or intersections nearby is an idea? when i’m off route in a city I would like to zoom in more than when i’m in the middle of nowhere.

The road network in the neighborhood is not known until a rerouting happens.