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App: Change width and color of GPX tracks

I like change the width and color of track.
It is seen as a red and narrow dotted line and when I want just see the track, not navigate, it is dificult see it.
I like it on app and web page if it is possible.
Thanks !

If mean GPS recorded track, can change its color and width in app “Settings | GPS logging”.

If mean imported GPX tracks, currently there are no options for color / width.
And if implement options for GPX tracks, then must do it for GPX routes too.
So they are 4 new options, seems too many, need to think if worth the effort.

I mean in imported GPX tracks.
In the GPX routes you can change the route color and width in App.
If possible only in App it will good … for me :wink:
Thanks !

GPX routes have green dashed lines, similar to red GPX tracks.

Currently can change:

  • Calculated routes: “Settings | Routing”
  • Recorded tracks: “Settings | GPS logging”

Yes, I thing it could be interesting a new option for “Imported tracks” :wink:
Thanks !