App: Change navigation map orientation when auto zoom

Hi all,

this weekend I drove my frist bigger trip over two days and 700 km with the Kurviger 2 beta (payed).
For this first try - nealry everything was great but there is one thing I’d like to change.

Because of the gloves I often used the volume buttons to zoom out and get an short overview where I am or when a part was closed. What is already perfect: during zooming out the map changs from 3D to 2D view. But it stays in “driving” direction.

I thing it would be helpfull if it would switch to or “2D north” at the last minus zoom level. Then I’d have a very good and short overview independent from my actual driving direction…


Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you mean that the map automatically changes between “Movement direction 3D”
and “Movement direction 2D” depending on the zoom level?

The 3D view can usually show more information in front of the user.

You can change this when you press the compass while navigating.
(or select “Route overview”, see also the manual)

Yes, that is the idea. I know that it is possible to change it with the compass, but for that I need to stop and remove my gloves.
Zoom out is possible with the buttons. I think my car-tomtom has the same feature. If I zoom out after some steps it switches from 3D to 2D. Perfect would be a switch from 3D to 2D-north. Then it is possible to get a very fast overview about the route around me and after driving a few meters it goes automaticaly back to the navigation (3d) zoom level.

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This could probably be an additional map orientation option:

  • No rotation
  • Movement direction 2D
  • Movement direction 3D
  • Movement direction 2D / 3D
  • Route overview

Is there some online manual to describe this feature?

Not necessarily if you prepare your gloves - see Smartphone mit Handschuhen bedienen

I just tried to do it in my car, but I was wrong. There is a seperat symbol that could be touched to jump within one click from 3D to 2d-north / route overview and back.
Also there I often use this function to get a short overview.

I know that there are ways to touch the screen with the gloves, but not really want to do this.

At the end the proposal from devemux86 would be near to the target, but I think a point with “north direction 2D/ movement direct 3D” is the best combination. (that I stay in movement 3D and on a high “minus” zoom level it switches to “north-2D”

At the End it is only an idea :slight_smile:

What is this, the “No rotation” mode?

It would be inconvenient if map changes between rotation and no rotation or overview.
Constantly shift map center and change user location on map with zoom while driving.

I think that’s it. I mean with north-2D same than a paper map, where north is all the time on top. In most navigation softwares it is possible to choos this.
Of course there is an issue becaus you get a switch from driving direction to north. That is correct.

On my Samsung Galaxy 8 I have this Bixby button that I do not use for diffrent. Perhaps it is also a idea to use such unneeded buttons for special commands in the app? No idea if like that can work

We discussed similar ideas here: App: Show route overview in navigation.

I still think that after the route overview in North-Up-2D mode, it would be useful to go back to the previously defined zoom/2D-or-3D automatically, according to the preferences for regularly navigation.