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I just received my CI Control and did some tests. The control does work but not the way it is supposed to work. Using the joystick the app does not pan. The joystick makes the Kurviger map zoom in or out. The 2 buttons are supposed to be used for that but they only close the app.

The build quality of the control looks good so I hope that I am doing something wrong or that it can be fixed by Kurviger or Carpe Iter.

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The app currently supports zoom in / out via the “Settings | Application | External input device”.
(using Android key events)

Anything more needs an implementation based on the third-party device public requirements.
Are they somewhere public so app developers can see their key events?

Thanx devemux86.

Meanwhile after some ‘tampering’ i got it to work. In the normal mode the CI control device determines the active application and applies the correct settings to itself automatically. If I put the device in the socalled ‘fixed mode’ and the setting on ‘kurviger’ everything works like a charm. Zooming and panning!

So it seems that the interfacing with kurviger is not the problem. The problem seems to be that the control driver does not recognize kurviger as the active application.

I will forward a support request to the Carpe Iter guys.


Gibt es zu Carpe Iter + Kurviger was neues.
Wäre Super wenn die hier mitgeteilt würden.

Danke und LG

Sorry, it is impossible to invest time to search and study all third party controls.
Don’t they follow common requirements for Android keys?

They should have public documentation with their keys and app requirements,
to make life easier for app developers. Then I can see if and what is possible.

(if you know such public documentation, please post it here)

Anyway, next app version will have improved support for external input devices.

We will see if this controller works better with the new app version…

Kurviger 1.14.16 is available, you can check if the controller works better.

(you can test with the “Settings | Application | External input device”)

Leider funktioniert es nicht mehr.

Es ging aber bereits aber aktuell nicht mehr.

Der Controller ist eine sehr gute Lösung und nicht nicht abhängig von einem Hersteller wie BMW und WunderLINQ.

Ich bitte auch darum, das Kurviger und CARPE ITER besser funktionieren.


will there be support before the CARPEiter CI Control?

You can try one of the options in “Settings | Application | External input device”
and see if your controller works better.

See also the answer above:

Bedienst du dann mit dem CarpeIter dein Smartphone während der Fahrt?
Ich will mir irgendwie gar nicht vorstellen aufn Motorrad während der Fahrt mein Smartphone zu bedienen, egal mit was. Außer mit Sprachsteuerung evtl. aber nutze ich nicht.


That’s right, because that’s what the remote control is for and you don’t have to fiddle around with the touch display

Yes, but I can’t imagine that with the control unit either.
When I want to do something on the smartphone, I pull over to do it.
It’s interesting that some motorcyclists also operate their smartphones while driving. However, it would not be an option for me.

That’s because you have no remote control :wink:
To be serious: If you have remote buttons on the handlebar or something similar (BMW multi controller wheel), it is quite easy to do simple tasks like zooming in/out the map during driving - same way as for example you switch on/off turn idicator.

It is much saver than tapping on a display during riding - you should try it before judging it!

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I didn’t mean to judge anything here, so I apologise if it seemed that way.
I just don’t see the need to use my smartphone while driving. Kurviger simply runs too well :wink:

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Es ist für mich wichtig das ich zoomen kann um einen schnelle Überblick zu bekommen und das geht mit WunderLINQ und CI Controller sehr gut.


Nach Rücksprache mit dem Entwickler wurde mein Problem gelöst und der CI Controller läuft nun wieder, wie in der Vergangenheit, tadellos mit kurviger Pro und 2.

Zwei Fragen:
Hab jetzt auch den CI-Controller.

Wenn ich während dem Routing die Karte verschiebe. Wie kann ich dann wieder auf meinen Standort zurück?
(Im stand ausprobiert fand ich da nix und Morgen gehts auf Tour)

Ich habe Neuberechnung grundsätzlich aus. Wenn ich die dann doch haben will, kann ich diese dann auswählen?

Vielen Dank und Viele Grüße


Heißer Tipp: Dokumentation zur Kurviger-App lesen :wink:!


Einfach nur einen Moment warten

Mit dem Controller überhaupt nicht

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been using Kurviger pro for quite some time and on some long trips and just recently switched to Kurviger 2 subscription. Couldn’t be happier!

I’m also using the CI-controller to zoom in and out, which works quite well.
Switching to Kurviger 2, I noticed that the function “centre position on map”, which can be activated in Kurviger pro by a joystick centre-press now works by a longpress on the back-button.
Has there anything been changed in key assignments? I’s not really a big deal because I’m only using Kurviger 2 now, but centering the map by a joystick press was a bit more convenient.
By the way: there is a dedicated Ci-controller profile for Kurviger. It shows when activating the HUD while using Kurviger.