App: "Bring me home" function

Hi all,
just recently I came across I like it a lot and immediately I became a “Pro” user. However, for me there an essential feature missing that is a quick access to create a route to my homebase. Of course I could create the respective bookmark but accessing this is quite cumbersome and requires at least 5 taps to get you going. Selecting your home position from the map is as inconvenient as it includes scrolling, zoooming, tapping… .
To cut this short:
I would really appreciate an easily accessible “route to home” function like it is included in every navigation I’m aware of. This would mean a great improvement in usability for me.
Just my 2 cents

Somehow related to this topic. I also would appreciate to have a quick way to choose certain locations (at least your home base) as destination.


No further comments here?

Please be patient, all feature requests need time to see how popular they are among the users.

Note: cannot fill screen with direct action buttons for every feature, map view should remain clear.

So a 1 step workflow would be difficult. It’s already possible via bookmarks or can be via @SchlesiM’s proposal:

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Mir persönlich reichen die Lesezeichen und, wie auch devemux86 schrieb, die Navigation sollte nicht zu überfrachtet sein.

For me personally the bookmarks are enough and, as devemux86 also wrote, the navigation should not be too overloaded.


I’m absolutely on the same page not to cover the screen with loads of buttons, however, does anything spreak against a new menu item “take me home” in the “routing” drop down?
This would reduce the tapping from five to two, which would make it way more convenient for a frequently used function.

Ich verstehe, dass es blöd wäre, den screen mit buttons vollzupflastern aber was spräche dagegen, eine “nach Hause” Funktion als weiteren Menüpunkt unter “Routing” aufzunehmen?

That needs a previous process to host first and remember the home location.
Then users can ask to have such workflow for other location types: work, etc.

Bookmarks exist for all that, so could simplify their routing as discussed here:

I am dead against adding too many “bells and whistles” to Kurviger. Increased sophistication in routing and associated menu or button controls is fine but adding stuff like a home button is just silly and unnecessary.

Kurviger’s appeal is in finding interesting roads not getting somewhere as fast as possible - if people want that they should use Google maps or Waze and something else like TomTom or Guru maps if offline. Given that Kurviger users are happy to spend time on winding routes it seems ridiculous to create a button to save a couple of extra clicks to locate and navigate to a bookmarked location.


No extra buttons on map view, seems we have already too many. :slightly_smiling_face:
Could be an extra option in bookmarks action dialog (available via bookmarks list or long press), as explained here:

See here:

I had the same request, a “bring me home” button

Ich klinke mich opportunistisch hier ein, weil ich mir das auch wünsche. War am WE mehrmals nötig mich direkt heim zu führen und da muss ich mich erstmal durch die Favoriuten wühlen etc… Home-Button wäre super.

My second favorite after Kurviger navigation (which I use every day because it perfectly avoids traffic jams) has a nice option to add a shortcut to the Android home screen. Pressing it starts navigation directly to the previously defined bookmark. It’s a super convenient solution, maybe applicable with Kurviger?

I don’t need a “home” button
With the markers it is enough but maybe it would be good if there could be different lists of markers separately activatable or not at will and with different colors.

But if that app already does it super well, why not use both apps on the device? There are a lot of voices on the forum that support keeping Kurviger more lightweight

I like to use two applications: another in a car, another on a motorcycle. By the way, I use another one on foot :wink: Of course it comes with different habits, but that’s life, therefore I have no problem with it, and I don’t object to keeping Kurviger as light as possible! :+1:

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Looks like a frequent request, the implementation is under consideration.

However it would be nice to not load the user interface with extra buttons.

I agree. Hence my proposal to throw the button outside the application - directly to the desktop as a shortcut.

Perhaps in the dialog where the buttons ‘‘Avoid roadblocks’’ and “Skip waypoint” are. There perhaps a ‘‘Home’’ button. Seems to be a feature needed when on tour to come home as fast as possible. Just an idea.

So it should delete the current route at the same time… A bit risky in my opinion.