App: Bookmarks (*.bookmark format deprecation)

Deprecate the proprietary *.bookmark file format for the common GPX file format to store bookmarks.

Uhh, is it?
I still would like the possibility to group bookmarks

This is only about the deprecation of the proprietary *.bookmark file format,
in favor of the common and well-known GPX file format to store bookmarks.

For the simple app needs of (name / coordinate) bookmarks the GPX is enough.
When the bookmarks will be revised in the future, we’ll see what else is needed.

This + Search require a rewrite of the implementation, use of local database, etc.
It is still in my list for the future…

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I agree and appreciate that you have chosen a format which is wide spread (GPX), so that it is also easy possible to import into 3rd party SW!

Would it be possible to add ad prefix to the default export name which gives a hint that it is a bookmark GPX? Example: BM_20210402_145604.gpx - so it is easy to differ it from Route GPX (if I just create a route with a few points and export it as GPX, also a timestamp is the default filename - same as if I export bookmarks).

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.14.16.