App: Bookmark implementation

Review app bookmarks in DB style with colors, search, sort, etc.


I would appreciate if organizing in folders or categories would be possible as well.



Yes, to be able to quickly have access to different bookmark lists without importing / exporting them would be great.

Hi, is there anything new about this?

When there is news we announce it here in the forum.

Wichtiger als eine Sortierung nach Entfernung wäre mir eine Kategorisierungsmöglichkeit (etwa Unterkunft, Freunde, Attraktion, Essen/Trinken) mit der Möglichkeit verschiedenfarbige Sternchen zu wählen (und/oder verschiedene Symbole)

More important to me than sorting by distance would be a categorisation option (such as accommodation, friends, attraction, food/drink) with the possibility of choosing different coloured asterisks (and/or different symbols).

Thanks for the many suggestions.

Bookmark colors are easier, it already has its own topic:

only sorting or is also grouping in folders possible? Create own bookmark groups and sort parameter also within groups, additionally a search function in bookmarks and move (to different group/folder), copy, delete. Additional flag for imported bookmark or own bookmark (but this could be also done via grouping in folders.

The sort bookmarks topic is for discussing about the sort of bookmarks.

Anything else requires a lot of work and is something for the future
and it should be discussed separately.

Let’s see if in the list of bookmarks we can have the possibility to search or filter by name soon :wink:


Hi all,

When I import a gpx file with all camping places in France (or all peaks, etc) then my map shows all the thousands of way points. This helps to find a camping place around the target but ist not needed all the time.

Sadly all way points will be put in one “folder”. It would be create to have categories for each gpx I imported. And then the possibility to hide a complete category (camping / but not peaks) and use different colors for the symbols…

By Marco