App: Beeline-like orientation arrow?

Although I don’t think that such a reduced solution would be helpful in every situation, I like it’s visualization: Beeline Moto

Would it be possible to add a similar orientation arrow, indicating the direction of the next turn and/or waypoint, in the Kurviger app? Could be convenient, escpecially while being off the route (with deactivated automatic rerouting).

Have fun and ride safe!

Thanks for the interesting idea Mario!

There seem two cases: guide along a calculated route or indicate next point when off route.

First case is like classic navigation, for the second case we had discussed in old forum to add a breathing marker, like when location marker gets off screen.

Location marker occupies a specific area on map, how much data can add to it and be readable.
Or do you mean more like for a large / full screen implementation?

For a first approach, I have something like a mix of both in mind: an (additional) arrow, indicating the direction of the the next waypoint (indepently of being on or off the route). Considering the previous idea from the old forum this arrow eventually would point in the direction, where the “breathing” indicator would be located on the map view.

Sounds simple, but could be quite helpful in various situations.

For reference, we had discussed about route indicator also here.

One elegant enhancement of current HUD could be to replace the warning sign when being off route, with a rotating arrow pointing to nearest waypoint or destination for easy guidance.

Depending also if displayed distance / time are selected for next waypoint or destination (discussed here).


Very nice idea!

Implemented in Kurviger 1.7.


Do we need all options for the off route indicator, are they all useful?
Or we could make it more simple, keeping the most important ones?

  • Nearest point
  • Next waypoint / destination
  • Off

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Yes, that would be sufficient.
In practice there is hardly any difference between “Nearest point” and “Next instruction”

I am using “Next waypoint”, because this gives me enough hint towards my desired direction.
“Nearest point” has a tendency to lead you back where you have come from, and
“Destination” isn’t useful in case of round trips.


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Another improvement for next version, when be off route with route indicator active, is to show in top-left panel the beeline distance between user location and selected route indicator’s option, i.e. know how far be from route.


Your screen shot is a nice example, why “Nearest point” doesn’t work as desired.
IMHO It would need some bias towards destination to be useful.

The image is with “Next waypoint” selection, i.e. towards destination (upper right, behind panels). :slightly_smiling_face:

In next version the off route indicator and its beeline distance will be in top-left nav panel, like work in regular navigation, for a more clean, readable and consistent UI.


A very nice preview! In your screenshot the “street name panel” is without Information. Is it possible to mention in this panel the type or name of the point the arrow (off route indicator) is pointing to?

Do you mean to mention “Via point X”, “Destination”, etc. ?

Thanks for your interest. I just try to give you more info.

20190715_104840 !
In the cutout of the “Off Route Situation” I inserted in pink as a place holder “Arrow is pointing to”.
This place holder can be replaced by A) Type or B) Name of the point the route indicator is pointing to.

Type solution:
With Type I mean the words of the selected item in the Dialog “Route indicator”.
In the screenshot of your preview for selecting Route indicator “Nearest point” is selected. Then in “Off Route Situation” the place holder would be replaced by “Nearest point”.

Name solution:
With Name I mean as noted by you “Via point X”, “Destination”, etc should be replacing the place holder.

At the moment I’m not a friend of the Name solution, because at rerouting the via points change their numbers. The Name solution perhaps is a good solution when user defined names for via points are possible.
The Type solution the user gives info of a setting of which he is not aware in the “Off Route” moment. Why the user is not aware of this? Using seldom the app, changing setting some times. And so this info is helpful.

I hope that I could help you and would be pleased to have the “Arrow is pointing to” info in a future Version of the app.

Actually it’s “Next waypoint”, that’s why it points to top-right.

Indeed seems more suitable when that feature comes.

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.