App: avoid ghost input in rain

Using a smartphone for navigation while driving in rain can get quite annoying if raindrops are causing “ghost inputs” if they hit and run down the display. The device can get pretty unusable then (depending in the mounting position). :sweat_drops:

It would be a great relief if there was a possibilty to lock inputs by switching Kurvigers app in a special “rain mode”. For example this could be done by long pressing the menu button and then show a dialog to confirm locking / unlocking the display for inputs (very unlikely that this operation will be performed accidentially by raindrops). Additionaly the volume keys could be used to lock / unlock inputs. :no_mobile_phones:

This would really help to use the smartphone and Kurviger app in rainy conditions. While driving you wouldn’t fiddle around on the display anyhow (especially if it’s raining) and it would absolutely OK to be forced to quickly unlock input while standing still (and maybe covering the smartphone against rain) to make necessary inputs. :umbrella:

BTW: the TomTom Rider 4xx/5xx devices have the same problem because they use a capacitive display (in my opinion quite a silly decision for a motocycle navigation device).

Tip: meanwhile I use “Touch Blocker” (by Argotronic) to block inputs. This app works quite well on my old Moto G 3rd Gen (running on Android 6) which I use as my motocycle navigation device but it seems to have functional drawbacks on newer Android versions so a built in solution in the Kurviger app would probably be the better solution.

Thanks for the very interesting idea!

Or menu button can remain always active for long press to turn on / off all touch inputs (except itself).

So that volume keys remain usable for sound purposes and / or zoom gestures, without mixing them.


Yes, sounds reasonable. If raindrops don’t cause a long press action on that button (to be tested but I don’t think so) this would be a good solution (less “invasive” than changed the volume keys function).

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I like that Idea. I had the same Problems sometimes in the past with my CAT41.

Making things easier, most simple way is to block touch on the entire app screen.
And use the volume keys to unblock it, e.g. via press, long press, double tap, etc.

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In fact this is the configuration in the additional app I’m currently using (“Argus Touch Blocker”): pull down the status bar, tap on the app’s notification. To deactivate I just push a volume key (up or down). Works great.


Notification could be useful to inform about the active touch block.
Also to unblock it, avoiding set multiple gestures on volume keys.

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Could enable it via a “Screen lock” tools menu item.
A notification will inform for the enabled screen lock.
Then can disable the screen lock via the notification.


That looks very promising! You can easily identifiy the current state (lock mode on/off) by the notification icon and switching on/off is comfortable.

The only question left is: if raindrops run down the display from the upper Edge of the phone, will this activate the pull down menu of the notification bar and therefore overlap Kurviger’s map view (even if it’s quite unlikely that raindrops will switch off the lock mode).

This is the reason why I currently only use the volume keys to switch off the locked mode of “Argus Touch Blocker”. But I think it would be worth a try for a beta version. I’m able to test it in my bathroom, because my smartphone is quite wateresistent :smile:.

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Note that the notification appears only on screen lock and the lock happens on app’s screen surface when is active. It does not affect anything else on Android buttons / UI. As that would require extra handling / permissions and is beyond app’s simple purpose here.

Android’s notification panel needs an edge drag gesture to expand. Rain drops most weight is at the touch, possibly causing tap gestures.

Currently I opted for something simple in implementation, avoiding to complicate buttons and their existing workflows.

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.

Hallo, wäre es möglich bzw. sinnvoll für die Displaysperre einen Button zu integrieren? Links untern wäre ja noch Platz. Dies würde die Funktion um einiges erleichtern.
Hello, would it be possible or useful to integrate a button for the display lock? There would be space on the lower left. This would make the function much easier.

I would like to remove some of the existing buttons, not add more of them. :slightly_smiling_face:
(or else we would have a button for every single function)


Ok, geht klar. :sweat_smile:
Okay, you got it. :sweat_smile: