App: Automatic backup of the current route

I think there was a similar proposal, but I can’t find it…

I mean automatic saving of the current active route (e.g. as current.kurviger), immediately after it is activated - but before it is recalculated (manual or automatic).

Several times I’ve experienced an unwanted total loss of active route (mostly “Round trip”) at the moment of manual recalculation. I know that I should manually save the route just in case, but unfortunately I do not have such a habit. It would be good to be able to restore it from some temporary backup file.

Do you mean that when start navigation for the first time
to save active route in a user accessible storage location?
(for future restore of the original route)

Rather at the time of recalculation, so that this recalculation can be “undo” if necessary. But maybe it’s actually better to do it after activating the route for the first time? It would also secure the route in the event of, for example, unexpected closing of the application or other disaster :slight_smile:

There can be many recalculations and only the last active route is known each time.

A route is always saved locally after its calculation.
When app restarts, it loads it again automatically.

Fact. So maybe simply make the file available to the user? Each time the navigation is activated by the user, the old file is overwritten. It would help a lot to restore a route that was lost for various reasons.

Nothing is overwritten outside routing and cannot change the app’s internal functionality.
A route must be saved anyway after each calculation, so that app can load it on next start.

How a route can be lost?
We need specific details and workflow to understand.

Do you ask to make internal save public so that can load it yourself?
(though after each rerouting the saved route is changed anyway)

Or to have an extra save of the route only on navigation start?

(these are different things)

Of course I didn’t want to describe the operations of the application because I do not know about it, but it was only my proposal to handle the some backup file. Forgive me if I have expressed myself ambiguously.

As usual I created a route inside the App (~180 km) with several via points and shaping points, with Start and End points being close to each other. Soon after starting the tour I recalculated it (because I took another road) but the application skipped all the intermediate points, directing me to the nearest point - the End point. If I had a saved route, I would have uploaded it quickly and there would be no problem. But I did not have it saved. That is all.

Perhaps just before the recalculation I left the application to send an SMS. I don’t remember when I did it and I don’t know if it could have mattered…

Exactly. This is what I wanted to ask for. And this is what I meant by writing earlier about overwriting the file each time I activate/recalculate the navigation :slight_smile:

Does one exclude the other? The structure of a possible file would probably be the same and only different moment of creation? It seems to me that until the first recalculation it would be exactly the same file.

As explained the internal save is updated automatically on each route calculation.
And also with each rerouting, so it cannot hold the last route before the rerouting.

(that cannot change, so that the app continues to always remember its last route)

They are indeed different concepts.

Do you mean to save the route before navigation starts (because don’t want to do it yourself)?
Do you suggest to save the route in export location when navigation goes from off to on state?

For me this would be optimal behavior. But also just before recalculation - right?

After all, during the trip it may be necessary to recalculate the route, due to e.g. roadblock. In this case, the route saved at the very beginning will be useless.

And what about if there will be 2 consecutive reroutings that you don’t like?
Then the last saved route will be after 1st rerouting (which may not like too).

For me personally, this is no problem because I only use manual recalculation :slight_smile: But I agree that in the case of automatic recalculation, this may happen - and the previous route will be lost. Maybe it’s better than nothing?

Or maybe another solution… But you probably won’t agree to add the “Undo last recalculation” option to the application menu :smiley:
Such a solution would solve a possible problem of manual loading of the backup file and enable several levels of Undo. Just like e.g. in MS Word :wink:

That is “route history”, another large feature that could be topic for discussion in the future.

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But I think that is something different. While “route history” could be an archive of planned routes for later use in the future (if I understand the idea correctly), the backup/undo proposed by me would be only temporary, “just in case”. It’s a big difference.