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App: Auto zoom in follow location mode

Hello guys,

as im not able to create an new post in the "New features" area, ill try it here.

My idea is to have the auto zoom option (speed based) also in the following mode available.
I use the App for Navigation, but also often in following mode. Auto zoom would make it much easier
to see possibilities where to go inside the cities/villages and to have an overview outside.
It would be great if you are able to implement it.

May somebody can move this to the “New features” area.

Kind regards, Nico

I move topics in “New features” after we discuss them and I see that could be implemented.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll see what can be done.

(probably only speed based auto zoom)

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Hallo Nico, hast Du bei Autozoom-Modus Geschwindigkeit oder Entfernung eingestellt? Entfernung zu zoomen dürfte schwierig sein, da das Navi ja nicht weiß wie weit es zum nächsten Punkt ist…

Hi Nico, did you set speed or distance in autozoom mode? Zooming distance might be difficult, because the GPS does not know how far it is to the next point…

This is not about auto zoom in navigation, but in follow location mode.

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As devemux mentioned, Auto Zoom is in the moment not available in following mode. During Navigation I use it speed based and it’s working well.

Regards, Nico

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Speed based auto zoom in follow location mode will be available in next version.


Speed based auto zoom in follow location mode will be available in next version.


Maybe it will be possible to turn off auto-zoom in following mode - regardless of the auto-zoom setting during navigation? While following, desired zoom value largely depends on the density of the infrastructure, so it may be difficult to choose a universal value (as it is now).
Perhaps the speed-based zoom will be perfect here - we’ll see :slight_smile:

Hallo @devemux86

Das finde ich sehr gut und gespannt, wie der Lösungsweg aussieht.

Viele Grüße

You can choose whether you want auto zoom to work in navigation and / or follow location.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.14.13.

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