Apache/GPL/BSD licensed Libraries used?

Just a comment on the legal side. As I do not assume that every single bit of the code was written by yourself, and that you are using Apache, GPLed or BSD licensed libraries, it would be a good idea to publish which work of others you are using as required by their licenses. This is not only to make sure that you stay legal, but to honour the work of others.


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Thanks for the interesting comment!

Kurviger app is based on:

  • Cruiser platform (I am its author)

It uses mainly the third-party libraries:

  • VTM / Mapsforge vector map library (LGPL v3.0)
    (I am their developer)
  • GraphHopper routing library (Apache v2.0)
    (Robin is active contributor)

Note: we do not and cannot use any GPL licensed library.

We can think how can mention more of them in an appropriate way.


Quite impressive! I though more of the work were coming from others …

Thanks for asking. Emux and I are both active open source developers. We value the work of others and try our best to attribute the work of others, when we use it.

The website uses a couple of 3rd party libs, some of which are under BSD/MIT license. You can find the license texts and some more information here.

It’s good that you mention it here and I’ve seen it in other places, I think in the FAQ. But, legally, it also has to appear in the app, right? At least GDPR has some regulation about only being 3 clicks away IIRC

Can you post the relevant article link where is “legally” mandatory and how the other applications conform to it?

Note: only VTM remains as map library which I maintain. GraphHopper is not used anymore in app (maybe in future for offline routing), I use my own light clients for everything.

Now don’t be passive aggressive, I was just asking the question cause I was unsure ok

I can look it up in more detail later when I’m on a pc, but initial googling suggests you need at least an Impressum and a privacy statement, which I see kurviger app both has in the settings menu. So… I think we’re safe here

When we make a discussion for a case, we should have all facts available at the same time and have studied what is involved. Or else the whole discussion has no real purpose, not based on real facts? :slightly_smiling_face: