Another symbol for the POI: Logies?

This crossed my mind earlier but I didn took the time to look into it before now.
The symbol for the LOGIES (sleeping, hotels, motels etc) is exactly the same as the common POI symbol. Has this changed? I thought I could remember that a bed was the symbol.

I did try and have made an overview of the different POI-symbols, as you can see the symbol most on the left (common POI) and the 6th from the left (LOGIES) are the same now.

Can this be changed?

Oh yes, you are right, this used to be a hotel symbol. A lot has recently changed with the POIs in the background, so probably a small mistake creeped in here :slight_smile:. Will be fixed :+1:

Should be working correctly in the next few minutes :+1:

It’s working correctly now :+1:

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