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Another new member


my name is Michael. I started using Kurviger during the 2018 bike season.
I found the most beautiful places in the Alps simply riding along the suggested routes.
The application is slim and at the same time there is nothing I would miss.
It’s rare that you can say that about software at all.
Thanks for doing such a great job!



Hi Michael,

it’s great to hear that you enjoy using Kurviger and had great rides with it. I hope you will have many great rides coming up next season.

Welcome to the community and have fun :+1:.



Hello Michael - welcome to Kurviger forum and community! :+1:t2::grinning:


Prrffff, you stop riding for the winter? Wuss :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, Michael, on the curvy side of life! :smile:


Auch von mir ein Wilkommen und viel Spaß :+1:


No but during winter, at least for me, riding is very limited. I might go for a handful of rides until February and these are usually shorter rides with <2 hours. We saw the first snow a couple days ago and salt will be thrown on the roads soon. Please feel free to let us know about your rides this winter here :sunglasses:.