Annoying subscription fee

Recently I ordered a kurviger-Tourer subscription, which was advertised with 9.99€/year. Since the only alternative to PayPal was a Credit Card I agreed with bad grace. After the seven days trial period I received the bill over 9.99€ for one year. I was quite surprised, when I found out that my VISA account was charged with 10.16€ instead of 9.99€. Apparently the 17 cents difference were caused by VISA, charging me for an abroad assignment. Even if the difference is not dramatic, due to my opinion it is not okay that TTI GmbH - TGU Kurviger Robin Boldt, Nobelstraße 15, 70569 Stuttgart (Germany) with a German VAT ID currently does not show any hint on its homepage that 9.99€/year is not the final price. Off course they can use Paddle as their payment provider, but then according to German trading rules they are obliged to inform customers that additional fees with bank dependent amount will be added to the order. And I think the issue is not only related to VISA, but to Mastercard and PayPal also.
It is quite annoying that as a German resident you have to pay a German product, which you bought from a German company with transfer fees for UK.


At least not to PayPal:

I guess your credit card charges a foreign transaction fee - bad luck …

I am sorry to hear that you had an issue. We are charging your payment method with the amount shown, in Germany this is 9,99€ / year or 2,49€ / month. As you already noted, the additional 17 cents were charged by your credit card provider or bank. Most payment providers don’t charge anything in addition to the sum shown in payment dialog.

We don’t control what your bank / credit card provider is charging you for using the credit card.

If you want I can offer you a refund, you will get your money back and your subscription is cancelled. I am not sure what happens to the additional 0,17€, as we did not charge these, you would have to check with your bank or credit card provider. If you would like to get the refund, please check the email that you received from Paddle about your subscription. They can provide you with instructions regarding your refund. Alternatively, you can use the contact form here: Kurviger

We are selling our subscription through Paddle. So you are buying the product from Paddle and not from Kurviger directly. This is very important for us, because Paddle handles the VAT for these sales. We are selling our subscription world wide and have to pay VAT in all of these countries. Paddle handles this process for us. This is similar to when you are purchasing something through Google Play, you are buying from Google, they handle the VAT.

Pllease give me a hand to find the part of the Homepage (prior to a subscription order), where this is noted and where is described that Paddle is a Non-German company.


Paddle is mentioned multiple times on our website.

It is mentioned in the FAQ on the premium page: Kurviger

Paddle is mentioned both in our data privacy and our terms of service. You accepted these when you signed up for your account.

When you open the payment popup, Paddle is loading their own payment overlay, where they again link to their own data privacy terms and where they show this information:

As previously mentioned, if you don’t like our service, we are offering a refund.