Annoying display of smaller towns instead bigger towns / Route exits street and returns by just 500m

Hi Kurviger “Team” :yum:,

I am just back from a 10d motorcycle trip and I want to thank - again - you for this sensational application! Planning on the mobile and sharing to others via kurviger link for review has no alternative!:+1:

I have 2 bugs and 1 suggestion which I want you to check for a possible implementation because they lower app experience during planning and driving:

1. Zoom level

(was mentioned here already)
Mapilion map Shows smaller Towns in normal Zoom Level. Only when I am zooming in I can See bigger Towns which ist Kind of annoying. Way better with Wikimedia Raster map. Uploaded some screenshots of Stuttgart and Fulda for better understanding)

2. Route exits and return to main street by 500m or less

I think this is also already reported but couldn’t find the thread. I also attached a screenshot and a kurviger link :

3. Is there a reason why Google has more up to date data like road closures compared to Mapilion OSM? Currently a need to recheck the planned route with Google maps in addition to kurviger.

4. Any news on showing the [speed limit](App: Display speed limits) as discussed?

Again, thank you very much for giving us audience and improving things mentioned by the community step by step :+1:



Please try posting each report / question in separate topics.
That way everyone can check / answer / follow them better.

Maps are not related to routing data (Kurviger, GraphHopper, BRouter).

See my answer in related topic:

Cannot understand clearly what you mean. :slightly_smiling_face:

Vector maps (offline or Mapilion) show capitals / large places on small zooms.
When zoom in, more and more smaller & less important places are displayed.

That’s the way it should be like. But it is not.
Some examples:

  • Fürth is shown on small zoom level instead of Nürnberg

  • Offenbach is shown instead of Frankfurt

  • Künzell/Petersberg ist shown instead of Fulda

  • Pforzheim instead of Stuttgart

Offline maps seems slightly better than online map.

Vector labels are rendered and placed in real time with collision detection and other algorithms.
There could always be improvements in the map library for that.

They are both based on OpenStreetMap, but they use completely different databases.
Mapilion uses OpenMapTiles schema with modified and differently grouped OSM tags.

Also depends on whether 2 places have really different or same classes in OSM database.
And usually when zoom in you need to see more and more the less important information.

Please post your routing reports separately in routing category, so that community can check them.