Android browsers changing extension of .kurviger file exported on website

Using the website in android browsers, depending on browser and other conditions (android version ?, device ?, … ?) the extension of the .kurviger file is changed, so that you have to rename it manually after download.

In some cases just an ‘.txt’ is added (xxx.kurviger → xxx.kurviger.txt), in other cases the extension is replaced by ‘.txt’ (xxx.kurviger → xxx.txt).

On my device (Tablet Asus Zenpad, Android 7):

  • Google Chrome: correct extension ‘.kurviger’
  • FireFox: only extension ‘.txt’
  • Opera: double extension ‘.kurviger.txt’

I became aware of this due to a post in gs-forum - there are some more examples and further information given, but only in German.

Would it be possible to keep the correct extension?

Even if the Kurviger app is installed on the device, now and then it might be senceful to use the website with the android device (e.g. for accessing the Kurviger cloud, example from the past: Multiple route profiles available on website, but not yet in the app).

Mit dem QR Code? Vieleicht
Gruß Rolf

Nein - es gibt Fälle, in denen man die auf der Webseite geplante Route nur über das .kurviger File übertragen kann (bei Übertragung per QR code erfolgt eine neue Routenberechnung in der App).

Beispiel aus der Vergangenheit siehe oben (Multiple route profiles)

Thanks a lot for the post. I haven’t been aware of this recent change. I will double check if we can change the way the file is generated and downloaded.

I think there is similar issue with iOS were the .kurviger extension is removed.

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I did a simple test:

  • export a small .kurviger file with website
  • create a small website which downloads that .kurviger file with different mime types:
    BLOB type
    Result on Asus ZenPad with Android 7:
  • Chrome: All mime types keep correct extension
  • FireFox: mime type ‘text/plain;charset=utf-8’ → extension changed to ‘.txt’ , other mime types keep correct extension
  • Opera: mime type ‘text/plain;charset=utf-8’ → double extension ‘.kurviger.txt’, other mime types keep correct extension

Perhaps it is caused by mime type also on kurviger website …

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Thanks for providing a detailed test! Yes the mime type could be the reason for this, I will double check and probably switch to application/octet-stream as this is probably the most accurate.

I forgot to mention, I updated the export as well :+1:

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Thanks. I tested on my Android 7 device: With all browsers (Chrome, Opera, FireFox) the extension “.kurviger” is kept :+1:

So I will remove the blob mime type test page in a few days:

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