Android Auto Unterstützung?

Hallo vom Bodensee, Nicht nur Motoradfahrer lieben diese App auch Cabriofahrer wie wir sind begeistert. Daher die Frage ob es eine Unterstützung für Android Auto geben wird?

Same for me !
There are android auto ready displays available. They look like a TomTom GPS and are waterproof. So it would be fine to have android auto capability in kurviger app.
For example

And as a second reason: there will be bikes with android auto capabilities.

Benefits are …
Mobile phone can be placed in a backpack.
Phone display is off for less power consumption
Phone can be connected to a powerbank
Phone can not be damaged due to bike vibrations.

Hi all, I’ll have to refer you to this thread, where we already discussed this in detail:

It has mixed English and German posts, but I hope the main point still comes across: it’s a TON of work and - for now - not very high on our priority list. Very sorry about that!

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