Android app has a red line route that won't go away

my android app has this red line which is a round trip that I created weeks ago.
I don’t recall what I did to make this red line.
But now that I have this red line I have no idea how to make it go away.
I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app but that did not get me back to a virginal state, the pollution I created remains.
I have tried looking at each menu item the app but nothing jumps out at me as the solution.
The enclosed is a URL is a screen print of what I am seeing on phone screen.
the blue line is the route: Rvu5L
the red line is the “pollution” that I know I created but can not figure out how to make it go away.

Can anyone here figure out what this newbie did “wrong” and how I might ecape out of the mess I created?
I only see this red line in my phone app. It does not appear on my website account.!AgeKN6vJwcXBgeBqFEZnsK7OXG8KRA?e=4pd6rx

You may have activated GPS-recording ?!
settings | GPS-recording

see also

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Seems to be the recorded track with the GPS logging.

You can hide it in “Settings | GPS logging | Map”
or clear it completely if tap the GPS panel.

(see also the documentation for more details)

thank you for rescueing me from my self created problem.