Android 7: OpenTopoMap does not work

I just tried to use OpenTopoMap in Kurviger App - does not work :frowning_face:, only light grey background.
On OpenTopoMap works fine, also on - so tile server seems to work.
Does the app also use tile server (bitmap), or is it a vector map?

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Now it seems to work fine.

Like all online services, it may have been a problem on their server.

It is a bitmap map.


Thanks for the info.

Still does not work in app on my device (not a severe problem, but would be nice to use).

Mapilion and Stamen Terrain work, but OpenTopo does not (only attribution is switched):


Websites using OpenTopoMap tile server work on this device (as described in previous post)

They may changed the server protocols / certificates
and they are no longer compatible with old Androids.

(verified on Android 5 emulator)

Or they may need to fix the server certificate signing.

As happened in the past with online search on Android < 5.


Thanks again for the feedback!