Android 10

So, Android Q is out in Beta and on Sunday I did the first tour with Kurviger on it. Let’s just say I was lucky that I had a power bank with me :smiley:

Unfortunately, as soon as I turned the screen off (seconds after) Kurviger did not receive a precise location anymore. The voice was telling me that it was recalculating the route constantly. When turning the screen on it took less then a second for the dot to jump back to the correct position.

So there’s a reason I called this thread “preparation”, and not “Problems!!”, I’m using a Beta version, it’s totally fine. Just dropping you a hint that it’s probably because you’re missing a permission:

  <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION" />

It says in the text that if you don’t target Api 29 then it should auto-add the permission but… when has the docu ever stopped an Android Beta from misbehaving… :smiley: so I guess this is the reason for my troubles

Best of luck with the new version!

Android Q has again behavior changes, but its release is still far away.

Also we use a foreground service, so something else would be needed.

Yeah as I said just dropping you a hint.
Also: the foreground service alone is not good enough anymore, believe me we’re fighting with this as I speak as well, here at my work

@Patrick thanks for the info!

Now that Android 10 API is stable I invested some more time…

We have a foreground service for location in background navigation and GPS logging.
So an explicit service declaration seems needed and no new background permission.

Yeah I dont like the current version so much either from a programmer perspective

On my private phone I went back to android 9, I need kurviger, couldn’t continue like that

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