Altitude Display on Android Phone

As a long-time user of the Belgian Roadbook system “Tripy II”, I finally found a system with Kurviger that functions almost at the same high level. And is covering eastern europe.

Both creating the routes on the PC and importing them into the phone is extremely easy and the route (track) is displayed exactly in the phone. !!

However, one feature continues to surprise me somewhat: The display of the “altitude” in the top right corner of the Android screen. The altitude is displayed with a lot of “flexibility”. Although The Netherlands is a fairly flat country with low altitudes, according to the Kurviger App I live at a great height!

In short, the app in the android screen always seems to indicate about 50 meters (46 - 63) too high. This is both in bad GPS conditions and in ideal GPS conditions.
The deviation appears to be more of a “DC offset” than a calculation error.
It is not all that shocking, but perhaps this has escaped your attention.

best regards,
Peter Heynemann

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Thanks for the kind words!

Altitude comes from GPS sensor and is the height above the WGS 84 ellipsoid,
which is an approximation of the earth’s surface.

Not exactly the same like the height above mean sea level as it’s usually known.

yes . It is have to implement correction based Geoid. For example in LocusMap if i disable Altitude offset (using Geoid) I got same altitude as in Kurviger. But when I switch on it, I got correct value.

There are posibility to implement altitude correction based Geoid.

If you want I can help you with preparion some function to Kurviger.

and precalculation tool for correction grid - ICGEM International Center for Global Gravity Field Models

It was implemented in Kurviger 2.2.26.
(“Settings | Location | Altitude”)

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Now, it’s look fine, Thank you

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