Alles kleiner als vor dem Update (Schrift, Text, Zahlen...)?


nettes Update, habe auch schon paar Funktionen gefunden und als gut erachtet. Nur kommt mir es nur so vor oder ist alles bisschen kleiner geworden, Schrift, Text, Zahlen…

Eventuell kann man da ja etwas einstellen, ich habe nix gefunden.


App’s UI font size has not changed.

You probably had changed Android’s font size?

There is a new option in “Settings | Application | Font size”.

Funny, I also felt that the size is a little bit smaller.
I changed font size to 105% to compensate that feeling :slight_smile:

Didn’t you test Kurviger (Beta)?
Nothing has changed from that.

App has its own font size option in “Settings | Application | Font size”
with much larger flexibility and does not follow Android same setting.

Of corse I did. :laughing:
The first time I felt that the font (at 100%) was slightly smaller, was with the introduction of font scalability.

But the difference - if any - was so small that this could also have been just my imagination.
Anyway easy changeable by the user.

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