All routing points deleted despite strict navigation

I was in the near of the destination which is also the starting Point and the question if wanting to drive via start didn’t occur. All routing points had been deleted. The tour was about to be started. It was a mess with 6 bikers waiting in the heat. I had to use maps to overcome this.

This should never happen, not with strict routing option

Thanks for the calm report.

Unfortunately we can not understand such description.
Better post route and location to understand the report.

Something similar has ever happened to me but I think it should be because I prepared the route in the same app (usually I do it on web and then export the file.kurviger) and without putting waypoints but shapepoints and in a recalculation ruined everything.

Now I have the caution if I make the path to the app export it to a file.kurviger and if there is any problem I can re-import it.

A long time ago I had such a problem, as I rode in a round trip shortly after the start part of the last tour section and the kurviger app obviously assumed that I was already back at the destination. No - I do not use the “strict routing” option.
In the meantime, I try to put the start and finish far enough apart. This way I avoid overlaps:

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Thanks for the report.

However, please report with route and location examples.
(along with all app settings)

Cannot reproduce anything with words / without real data.

Thanks for the detailed report (as always :slightly_smiling_face:).

“Strict route following”: navigation can start anywhere, except the last segment.
(useful for round trips)

This was agreed with community → designed and implemented a long time ago:

Sorry to not answer earlier. Writing on the computer is easier for me than on the cell phone.

Then that’s exactly the reason, because it was the last segment of this day tour, the gas station to fill up for the next day. Only one had to refuel before the tour. Then I wanted to start the tour from there with the result that no more query came whether the tour should begin over the start point.
Why is that actually so? Would it not be better to bring the query always, even in the last segment? In any case, this would not have led to my confusion.
Now that I know this behaviour I can handle it, but would be good to know why that can’t be changed into also show the query when gps position is actually in the last segment.