Algoritm curviness and elevation change


recently I bought the latest tomtomrider and I was pleasantly surprised that you can tap the map and go somewhere, while at the same time you can adjust the curvyness and elevation change in 3 levels for both variables. This algoritm is pretty good. However my mate has an older model tomtom that has it also and the interface is much easier to use. Now Im thinking to get an oldermodel tomtom. Unless off course the kurviger app does the same thing ??

question : does the app take also into account curvyness as well as elevation changes ? what about avoiding town centres ? (tomtom does not)

if it does why would anybody bother to buy a gps device ?


Because smartphones still have some disadvantages concerning energy consumption, robustness, visibiliy / brightness of display and waterproofness.

But nevertheless: standalone navigation devices (even the current models) are IMHO too expensive, too slow and too less flexible. And software / functions / user interfaces often are somehow really crude (manufacturers seem to rest on their laurels for years).

After all I completely swtiched to smartphone-based navigation.

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Yes, it does (you can choose between different profiles for routing including various grades of curvyness). And yes: Kurviger app does try to avoid driving through towns (better than any other device or app I’ve seen so far).

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Both options have their pros and cons.

I love the Kurviger app and wouldn’t bother to buy a dedicated motorcycle gps (OK, I have to say that :wink: ).

Two big benefits of dedicated motorcycle gps IMHO are the transflective display (is this only Garmin, because I heard that some TomTom Riders have issues with reflections?) and that you can use them with your gloves (BTW: there are some tricks to do this with your smartphone as well).

Essentially I think there is nothing wrong with having both. I know many people that use the Kurviger app for day trips and use a dedicated motorcycle GPS for detailed multi day trips.