Adjustable route overview

The overview is not useful to me since I mostly plan day trips of more than 300km, up to 500km and when then the overview mode is used, everything is so small that it is not useful any more to have a tour overview where the position follows the GPS position (follow mode).

I would prefer more configurable in detail. Either by setting in section steps for example showing only the next 5km, 10km, 20km, 50km, 75km, 100km sections starting with the actual GPS position or something like show a percentage of the route overview.

Theoretically it could also be speed based: more zoomed in at higher speed and more zoom out at lower speed. Similar to the Min/Max Auto Zoom step and Zoom step outside of the route a boundary “from… to” kilometer could limit the max overview zoom level.

For reference route overview’s current implementation was discussed here.

Also there was the suggestion:

You say it is implemented in this way:
Currently the algorithm calculates the remaining route’s bounds,
enlarged by around 150% to avoid buttons / panels at screen edges
and centers / zooms accordingly depending on device orientation.

But what I see is the complete route (at the moment I use the simulation mode)

and when I manually zoom, this zoom hold only for some seconds and then goes back into showing the full route

My intuitive way would be holding the overview mode until I set back to normal 2D or 3D mode again and also keep the manually set zoom and not set back after a few seconds like it is done in 2D and 3D follow mode.

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That depends on route geometry (e.g. round trips) and user location vs destination.
Route bounds is a rotated rectangle, trying to fit inside available screen’s rectangle.

What happens now and a common behavior in navigation is that user is allowed to scroll / zoom the map and after some time it reverts back automatically to auto center / zoom depending on activated options.

Why not just switch off the Auto-Zoom and handle it as you like?

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I like the auto-zoom within settable boundaries. And if the auto-zoom is switched off, then the follow mode (maps moves according to the gps position) does not work any more in the overview mode.

Route overview does not center / follow user location.
It fits user location and remaining route inside screen.
(it auto zooms if auto zoom option is enabled)

Route overview can be technically seen as another type of auto zoom.
It can be selected via compass because users asked for an easy way.