Additional Shaping-Points instead of Via-Points?

Bei der Vergabe von Wegpunkten durch ist mir folgendes aufgefallen:

  • Nach dem Import eines Tracks (Nockalmrunde.gpx (121.9 KB) ) zur Erstellung einer Route mit 10 Wegpunkten erhalte ich: - 8 Via-Points zwischen Start und Ziel
  • diese können natürlich durch Klicks in der Wegpunktliste in shaping points umgewandelt werden
  • aber wenn die Route nun exportiert wird mit “vielen Stützpunkten” bekomme ich weitere 10 Via-Points
  • keiner dieser Via-Points wurde bewusst gesetzt, also sind es im Prinzip Shaping-Points

Wäre es nicht wünschenswert, wenn alle automatisch gesetzten Wegpunkte als Shaping-Points definiert werden?

Via-Points (mit Ansage) sollten ausgewählten POIs, Kaffeepausen, etc. vorbehalten sein und vom Tour-Ersteller explizit gesetzt werden.

I noticed the following when assigning waypoints through

  • After importing a track (Nockalmrunde.gpx (121.9 KB) ) to create a route with 10 waypoints I get: - 8 via points between start and destination
  • these can of course be converted to shaping points by clicking in the waypoint list
  • but if the route is now exported with “a lot additional waypoints” I get another 10 via points
  • none of these via points were set intentional, so they are basically shaping points

Wouldn’t it be desirable if all automatically set waypoints are defined as shaping points?

Via Points (with announcement) should be reserved for selected POIs, coffee breaks, etc. and should be set explicitly by the tour creator.


Thanks for the proposal, yes I think this makes sense. Additional waypoints should be converted to Shaping Points.

I fully agree to the idea of @zaphod_42.
As far as I understand this concerns “Garmin ShapingPoint GPX” format - correct?

Just a hint: In former Kurviger export in “Garmin ShapingPoint GPX” format only start and destination were ViaPoints. If using further ViaPoints, according to manual at least on some devices the number of consecutive ShapingPoints is limited (e.g. BMW Navigator 5: 50, Navigator 6: 125). This might lead to conflicts when exporting long routes, especially on devices with a small number of allowed ShapingPoints in a row .
I do not know details about Zumo 590/595/3xxx or the newer Zumo XT.

On my BMW N5 sometimes route import failed due to too many ShapingPoints in a row, but it did not give clear feedback about the reason (or even no feedback about the reason) :-1:.
Now and then import with more than 50 ShapingPoints in a row is possible - I still do not fully understand that :frowning:

I have to admit that I have no simple idea to solve that problem :frowning: - a solution would be a setting “maximum number of ShapingPoints in a row” for Kurviger export, but this makes the user interface more complex and also will increase implementation effort :-1:

Probably it is also for the regular GPX format.

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You are right - I just checked on Website, there are different ‘symbol’ tags (‘Flag, Blue’ / ‘Waypoint’ ) and different ‘type’ tags (‘via’, ‘shaping’ ) for via points and shaping points.

But as far as I know this will have no impact on import on Garmin devices, because they do not use those differences do distinguish between ViaPoints and ShapingPoints, they import all points as ViaPoints.

So the problem “max. number of consecutive ShapingPoints” will not occur.

Additional Waypoints are now exported as Shaping-Points. Thanks a lot for finding and reporting this issue.


Sorry - it’s me again …
Thanks for the solution regarding the additional waypoints while exporting a gpx file.
But: woundn’t it be great to have all generated waypoints while importing a gpx file set as shaping points either? None of these generated waypoints are set intentionally, therefore should be shaping points. You may take the example from start of this thread.
Thanks in advance, Robin. :wink:


Ah that is a good idea. You mean when importing a GPX track, the generated waypoints from that should be shaping points?

Yes SIR, yes! :policeman: :grinning:


I will put this on the todo list, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

It is available in the app.


This is available on the website now as well.

Just to be sure: This only concerns import of a GPX with a route in it, right?

Not sure if I understand you correctly? Could you ellaborate?

My question is: Is that rule valid also outside GPX import? E.g. will adding/changing/removing a waypoint name switch ViaPoint / ShapingPoint automatically? (I would not like that, but I think during GPX import it is a good idea to use it for initial value).

I just reread my post from yesterday I think I posted this part about names in the wrong thread. This essentially is only relevant when importing GPX files.

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